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Nike supports GreenXchange

Innovation can arise within companies or through networks of users, via big breakthroughs or a series of micro-improvements. Regardless of where innovation comes from, when such improvements and advances are made they could be further shared and built upon in a network that includes a large and diverse community. We call this “open innovation.”

Nike and Creative Commons believe in the power of open innovation and share a vision of creating a platform that promotes the creation and adoption of technologies that have the potential to solve important global or industry-wide sustainability challenges.

What is clear to us is that sustainability is a business imperative, and we need to move fast, innovate and scale, in order to transition our business models into an emerging green economy. Over many years of working on sustainability Nike has come to understand the value of collaboration and shared knowledge. Without this companies replicate efforts, reinvent wheels and only make incremental progress.

Our concept for a vibrant marketplace to build sustainable solutions: A GreenXchange.

Nike and Creative Commons are leading an initiative to create a system for open collaboration. The project aims to develop strategies for using patents and know-how, within a community network, to facilitate and promote open innovation.

We are looking for founding partners, people to contribute and those that are interested in the concept.

Have a read of our GreenXchange booklet, check out the GreenXchange video, and if you’re interested email the contacts in the back of the PDF booklet.