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Nike+ SNKRS Augments the Sneaker Drop

Using augmented reality technology, Nike+ SNKRS is reimagining the sneaker drop. 

The app can now hide the opportunity to purchase certain coveted sneakers within a select image where the sneakers can only be seen and unlocked by viewing the image via the camera function on SNKRS. First up: the Nike SB Dunk High Pro "Momofuku." 

When David Chang's Fuku East Village menu, or an image of it, is viewed through SNKRS, an interactive 3D model of the Nike SB Dunk High Pro "Momofuku" will be overlaid. This will allow purchase of the shoe while supplies last.

Special SNKRS posters, inspired by the Fuku menu and pasted up outside all Momofuku restaurants in the US, will also open up the AR SNKRS experience.

How it Works

Make sure you have the most recent version of the SNKRS app for iOS.

Go into the Behind The Design post about the Nike SB Dunk High Pro "Momofuku" in the SNKRS feed.

Once inside the post, scroll down until you find the .gif of the hidden Dunk rotating above the background image.

Tap this .gif to open the camera via SNKRS.

Once the camera is open, find David Chang’s Fuku East Village menu online (hint, that’s it above). Or any of the special SNKRS posters inspired by the menu that are pasted up outside all Momofuku restaurants in the US. 

Hover over the menu or poster with the camera and then tap to unlock it. The shoe will instantly pop up on your screen.

If there are still pairs available, the invitation to purchase the Nike SB Dunk High Pro "Momofuku" will appear in your SNKRS Feed and Inbox.

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