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Nike+ Run Club Rundown: The Power of We

Being a part of a running community pushes you to be stronger, fitter and have more fun.

“We. It’s such a short word, and yet it holds so much power," says Nike+ Run Club Head Coach Chris Bennett

Coaches know greatness is contagious. When athletes surround themselves with other athletes—learning from their techniques, strategies, strengths and weaknesses—they often become better runners. When fatigue strikes, as it usually does, the energy of the group can be galvanizing. “It’s way easier to be tired and run with others than to run alone and tired,” said Coach Bennett.

“Something magical happens when you’re in a group. You’re able to push yourself harder than you ever thought possible and achieve things that alone you thought were insurmountable,” said Bennett. “There is strength in numbers, and you find yourself being inspired by those around you. But the magic is that you’re still the one doing the work. That’s the power of the group.”

Training with a group can also heighten a runner's awareness of his or her own unique style. Kenyan National Team member Agatha Jeruto Kimaswai notices this during workouts with her teammates. “My stride is different, even from the athletes I train with,” said the African National Championship 800m bronze medalist.

This is crucial information, according to Bennett. By running with others, athletes can learn about their weaknesses and get the tools and motivation to "erase them." Running with a group makes one more accountable, too. You’re more likely to show up for a session when someone else is waiting at the track for you.

Above all else, exercising with a group provides a great way to insert more fun into runs. “Having a great community of athletes around you will not only inspire you, but it will also ensure that you have fun,” said Bennett. “And if you’re inspired and having a good time, then you will be able to accomplish amazing things in this sport.”


We are NRC

Nike+ Run Club

Joining Nike+ Run Club means instant membership into a global community of runners. Whether training for a first 5K, 10K, or half-marathon, runners can connect with other runners in Nike+ Run Club. 

Users can find local Nike+ Run Clubs and join group training sessions led by expert NRC coaches. For those without access to a local team, NRC provides personalized workout plans from the same coaches, gear tips and playlists to stay motivated. When signing up every workout automatically gets scheduled into the users calendar, keeping runners accountable and a part of the group.

Research shows working out with a partner can help boost motivation, and ultimately performance. Runners are driven in part by the competition present, but also by the fear of disappointing their team members. With the Nike+ Running app, users can create a challenge with friends, or use the leaderboard function to push each other. Runners can also participate in the weekly photo challenge and share runs with everyone conquering those hills, trails and early morning miles.

Nike+ Run Club

Regardless of whether athletes join the NRC community virtually or in-person, they’ll be challenged, inspired and cheered on by other runners to stay motivated through their miles.

“When we come together, we are given the opportunity to become the most elite versions of ourselves,” said Bennett. “We carry each other.”

Welcome to the crew. #NRC

Nike+ Run Club Head Coach Bennett


The Head Coach of Nike+ NYC, Chris Bennett has been involved in running since his youth. When Chris Bennett coaches, runners get better. He was a 4-minute miler on the Nike Farm Team. Prior to that he captained the UNC Tarheel XC & Track teams.


This is the third installment of a series of tips, guidance and coaching from the very best Nike+ coaches and running experts.