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Nike Pro Hero Bra: High Support, Beautiful Silhouette

The newest addition to the Nike Pro Bra Collection offers high support and a U-back design in 20 sizes. 

More than two years of research, testing and design led to the Nike Pro Bra Collection and its newest high-support silhouette, the Nike Pro Hero Bra. With the addition of the Pro Hero Bra, the collection features six bras that offer a continuum of support, helping provide the athlete with the right fit and right support for any type of training or sport.

“The sports bra is the one of the most important parts of her athletic life,” says Julie Igarashi, VP Creative Director Women’s Training. “The bra’s fit and feel may be the difference between whether she has a good or bad workout – or whether she works out at all – so we obsess the small details to eliminate distractions and provide the right amount of support."

Nike Pro Hero Bra

Nike Pro Hero Bra

Nike Pro Hero Bra

Like the Pro Rival Bra, the high-support Pro Hero Bra features tightly-knit nylon fabric with appropriate stretch and modulus for increased support and a consistent, compression fit. Modulus, which reveals how difficult or easy it is to stretch a fabric, was an integral consideration. Modulus not only delivers support, but also is the best measure for the consistency of stretch fabrics from batch to batch. Unique to the Pro Hero Bra is a U-back design with a hook-and-eye closure for easy on and off. 

The design is inspired by sport and traditional lingerie construction, as evidenced in the sleek, beautiful fabrication that masterfully incorporates different stretch properties for optimum support. The cups employ both compression and encapsulation fit and have been widened to allow a close fit. Supportive wings extend around the side of the cups under the arm for more coverage, making multi-directional movement more comfortable. 

The bra also features padded, adjustable shoulder straps with migrated thickness to provide extra comfort and a custom fit. It will be available in 20 sizes, ranging from 30C to 38E, and sits between the Pro Rival and Pro Fierce on the support continuum. 

Nike Pro Hero Bra

Athlete insights were the driving force behind the Nike Pro Bra Collection. In the early stages of its sports bra research, the team interviewed a number of athletes. One critical theme centered on the lack of comfort in high-support bras, particularly for athletes who wear larger bra sizes. 

This insight sparked a two-year journey spanning design, innovation and research, including partnering with the United Kingdom’s Loughborough University, one of only a handful of universities in the world that conduct sports bra research, and work done in-house at the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab. The two research teams conducted more than 600 hours of biomechanical testing to gain a specific understanding of how breasts move during a range of sports activities.  

The Nike Pro Hero Bra is available now at along with the collection’s other silhouettes (in order from high to low support): Nike Pro Rival, Nike Pro Fierce, Nike Pro Classic and Nike Pro Indy.