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Nike Pro Combat Baselayer - Built for Extreme Conditions

Though rain, sleet or snow, athletes continue to train and compete in any condition. Nike understands the science of sweat and knows that athletes perform at their best when equipped for any condition through an elevated system of dress – starting from the inside out. Nike Pro Combat baselayer not only protects athletes from the inside out, but also provides a technical solution to help athletes prepare for every condition across multiple sports.

Nike designers, researchers and developers start with athlete insights in order to determine their needs. From there, they unlock these athlete insights in the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab by looking at athlete performance data. These insights help inform next steps in apparel innovation such as materials testing, fit and flexibility analysis, and more, in order to help designers create the best apparel to protect and prepare athletes for any condition.

To that end, Nike Pro Combat baselayer apparel keeps the body regulated for inclement weather through thermoregulation, breathability and a body-contoured streamlined fit. Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm and Hypercool apparel provide an optimal fit with added mesh in high-heat zones for ventilation and comfort.

To dive a little deeper and better understand extreme weather conditions, Nike took a look at the traditional NFL “strength of schedule” from a very different perspective – the weather.

Although every team will face their share of formidable contenders this season, athletes will also compete with their external environment – extreme cold and heat, snow, rain and wind. As such, if extreme weather is considered, it requires a different level of protection and preparation – both in training and when it comes to baselayer. To that end, Nike explored the previous 10 years of Farmer’s Almanac weather data as well as the 2014 temperature predictions for every NFL game and team this season.

Leading into the 2014-2015 NFL season, it was predicted that the Oakland Raiders would have the toughest strength of schedule, while the Indianapolis Colts were perceived to have the easiest. But when looking at the schedule only through the lens of “predicted weather and temperature” it’s a very different story. The Green Bay Packers have the most extreme cold weather predictions, Seattle Seahawks have the mildest schedule, and the Miami Dolphins have the hottest.

Additionally, two-thirds of all NFL teams will play in extreme weather (over 80 degrees Fahrenheit or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit) during the course of the 17-week season. From the data, the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams all have a “weather strength of schedule” evenly split between extreme hot and extreme cold weather games.

During the last week of the season, where many teams are typically jockeying for last-minute playoff position and berths, 25 percent of the league will experience extreme cold weather games – all the more reason to ensure they’re wearing the right baselayer. Three teams will experience extreme cold weather games during the final three weeks of the season (week 15 – week 17): Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, and Kansas City Chiefs.  

As the official uniform supplier of the NFL, Nike provides all on-field, baselayer, sideline and practice wear for the league’s 32 teams. The licensed NFL Nike Pro Combat apparel line is available at