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Nike Powers Women To Be Better For It


Running your first half-marathon. 
Finally dead-lifting your body weight at the gym. 
Resolving to do a handstand in yoga.

What do these feats have in common? They require hard work, commitment and motivation. And, most importantly, anyone who attempts them will find themselves #betterforit. This spring, Nike is launching a women’s initiative — called #betterforit — to inspire women to be active, take on new challenges and conquer personal goals.  


#betterforit is more than just a hashtag. It’s a call to action to share, promote and embrace women’s fitness and sports. With this rallying cry, Nike invites a global community of athletes to push themselves further, whether it’s a personal best in their latest marathon or a weekend run. #betterforit offers athletes collective inspiration to reach new heights and a place to share their experience.

Nike Women Better For It Abs

“Every athlete has goals. And Nike is the link between you and your aspirations,” said Amy Montagne, VP/GM of NikeWomen and Global Women's Training. “We provide more than encouragement – with initiatives like #betterforit, Nike provides the tools for women to expand their personal athletic potential.”

The campaign is headlined by a series of short films debuting on April 12. The initiative harnesses the bold voice of women today and addresses the dynamic world of sport and fitness with a lighthearted tone and humor. #betterforit enourages female athletes around the world to share their personal #betterforit mission.

Better For It: "Inner Thoughts"

Better For It: "Best Intentions"

Better For It: "Far Enough"

Better For It: "Personal Space"

Better For It: "Best Worst Seat"


The #betterforit movement includes insights from top athletes including world champion sprinter and four-time gold medalist Allyson Felix. Athletes like Felix embody #betterforit shown through their goal setting mentality and accomplishments in training and competition. But #betterforit is more than just accomplishments and accolades, it is about the journey and hard work along the way. 

Alyson Felix_NTC Shanghai
Allyson Felix at N+TC Tour Shanghai

“As athletes, we always want things to happen right away,” says Felix. “We want to put in the work and then we want to see the immediate results. But what’s important is looking at the full journey, the process, and taking the joy from that — even the ups and the downs.  That’s what makes it all worth it.” 

As Felix explains, #betterforit is a process, not a seconds-long race or a solitary moment of victory. Both the race and the win are built upon a foundation of hundreds of #betterforit moments. 

“Before I get in line at a competition, I reflect on the fact that this is my chance to really go for it,” she says. “I zero in on the moment and focus my thoughts on what’s important – giving it my personal best. I take that breath to just appreciate the process. To know that no matter what the outcome, I’ll be better for it.” 

Better For It, Since The Beginning

Named for the Greek goddess of victory, Nike has a 40+ year history of serving and innovating for female athletes, developing products and services tailored specifically for what women want and need.

Beijing NTC
N+TC Tour Beijing

Connecting to a global community of female athletes, #betterforit stands out as Nike’s largest initiative to support and motivate a women’s athletic journey.  To learn more, visit

If you’re brave enough to try, you’re strong enough to finish.