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Nike Ordem 3 Football Brings Unrivalled Flight to Europe's Top Leagues

Nike supplies high-performance football for Barclays Premier League, La Liga BBVA and Serie A TIM.

Nike Ordem 3 - Serie A TIM, La Liga BBVA, Barclays Premier League
Nike Ordem 3 - 2015-16 match ball for Serie A TIM, La Liga BBVA and Barclays Premier League

Three of Europe’s elite leagues will kick off 2015-16 with Nike’s most advanced football ever, the Ordem 3.

The Barclays Premier League, La Liga BBVA and Serie A TIM will all be contested with this updated and improved ball, the design of which draws on 15 years experience of providing advanced, innovative footballs for top-tier leagues.

The Ordem 3 delivers accurate flight, consistent touch and maximum visibility.

Nike Football’s pinnacle proprietary aerodynamic technology, Nike Aerowtrac grooves, designed to provide an accurate and stable flight by helping ensure a steady flow of air across the ball no matter what speed it is moving at. 

A geometric 12-panel design enhances the Ordem 3’s flight, whilst pressure is distributed evenly across the ball. The result is a consistent, accurate and powerful feel, with the first touch optimized by a fuse-welded synthetic leather casing.

This reliable and responsive first touch is combined with an explosive strike – a 6-wing, carbon-latex air chamber allows the Ordem 3 to accelerate off the foot at pace. 

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Each year football at the elite level gets faster, and the Ordem 3 is designed to keep pace with and indeed facilitate this constant evolution. The distinctive, bold Visual Power Graphic that is printed across the Ordem 3’s 12 panels helps players catch sight of the ball quicker, facilitating rapid decision-making, instant reactions and, ultimately, enhanced performance.

The Nike Ordem 3 for the Barclays Premier League and La Liga BBVA will be available at and in stores from July 1. The Serie A TIM ball will be available from the same outlets starting August 6.

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