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Three Benefits of NikePlus Membership at Nike NYC

Nike NYC is a living, breathing flagship journey, offering a dynamic experience that adapts to your shopping preferences over six floors.

If you’re a NikePlus member, though, there are even more features available to you, all of which transform your visit into a preview of digital’s full potential at retail (download the app here). Check out these benefits that only Member access can provide.

Find It. Reserve It. Pick It Up

For frictionless access to NYC favorites, local members can make their way to the ground floor Nike Speed Shop. Powered by Nike digital commerce data, the Speed Shop is stocked specifically with the products that NYC consumers love the most, as well as core seasonal essentials. The Pick-Up Lockers in the space allow you to reserve items ahead of time and have them held at an in-store locker using your NikePlus member pass. You can be in and out in minutes.

Four Benefits of NikePlus Membership at Nike NYC 4

Reserve items before you enter the store, then pick them up quickly at an in-store locker.

Scan. Shop. Skip The Line

With new Nike App features like Nike Instant Checkout, you can scan any product using the Nike App, skip the line and check out directly from your device using stored payments. With Nike Shop the Look, you can try on or purchase an entire look – or pieces of a look – on one of the in-store mannequins within minutes. If you see a style you like, just scan the QR code on the mannequin and you can browse every item, check for available colors and sizes, and request that the products be brought to you at a pickup location or a fitting room of your choice.

Four Benefits of NikePlus Membership at Nike NYC 2

Nike Instant Checkout allows you to skip the lines and buy items directly from your device using stored payments.

Four Benefits of NikePlus Membership at Nike NYC 3

Want to try on a product? Use the app, scan the code, and ask for a Nike athlete to bring it over.

Nike Experts At Your Service

If you’re looking for extra help, head to the fifth floor Nike Expert Studio. Through bookable one-to-one appointments with Nike Experts (available to reserve in-person or through the Nike App) you can find the ideal performance gear and styles.

The Nike Expert Studio also offers a mix of curated seasonal product alongside member-exclusives. If you’re looking for a more bespoke experience, you can connect with a Nike Expert to access post-embellishments like embroidery or patches for the latest apparel launches.

Three Benefits of NikePlus Membership at Nike NYC 5

Personalize your purchase with premium embellishments in the Nike Expert Studio.

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