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"The Science of Just Right" Podcast

There once was a young runner,
Determined and resolute,
Who embarked on a quest
To set a personal best on her route…

This is how the story of thermoregulation – and our look at the science of just right – starts. It's a familiar scenario: On a cold winter morning, a runner begins her route chilled but, with exertion, she gradually warms to a comfortable temperature. The body's natural thermoregulation process produces this "just right" zone.

In The Science of Just Right podcast, Julia Lucas, a former professional track and field athlete and current Nike+ Run Club Coach in New York City, narrates a story about how the body thermoregulates, how Nike studies and designs to support this natural process, and how professional American football player Victor Cruz handles the challenge of performing optimally in an extreme range of temperatures. The podcast also features a variety of Nike experts, including Hal: the sweating, thermal manikin.

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