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Nike N7 Summer 2014 Collection Celebrates Nature and Sport

The Summer 2014 Nike N7 collection celebrates the perseverance of N7 ambassadors and athletes everywhere, combining the strength and beauty represented in nature with insights and storytelling that reflect Native American and Aboriginal culture.

“Nature has always played an important role in the culture and spirituality of Native people,” said Sam McCracken, General Manager of Nike N7. “The mountain in the Nike N7 Summer 2014 collection represents the struggle involved when you’re working hard to achieve a goal. It’s difficult, but when you get to the top there’s relief, freedom and the opportunity to look forward to even bigger, better things.”

The designs incorporate elements from the great outdoors—mountain, sky and flora---with the triangles of the N7 mark. The N7 mark comprises three arrows pointing back to signify past generations, three arrows pointing forward to signify future generations, and an arrow in the center to represent the current generation. The natural elements are juxtaposed with the geometric shapes of the N7 mark to convey both movement and balance. All of the designs are reflected on a modern black and white background with turquoise, a color symbolic of friendship in Native cultures.

Nike N7 Ambassadors

As outstanding Native and Aboriginal athletes, Nike N7 ambassadors embody the power and spirit of Nike N7. They challenge themselves to achieve greatness, both on and off the playing field, and motivate others to do the same. Nike N7 ambassadors featured in the Summer 2014 Collection include: Spencer O’Brien, Canadian team snowboarder and Kwakwaka’wakw First Nations ambassador; Jacoby Ellsbury, New York Yankees center fielder and Colorado River ambassador; Veronica Lind, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and Navajo ambassador; Jeremy Thompson, Iroquois Nationals lacrosse player and Iroquois Confederacy ambassador; and Tahnee Robinson, Women’s International Basketball player and North Cheyenne ambassador.

Nike N7 Summer 2014 Collection Details

N7 Graphic Tanks: One tank combines the Nike N7 signature print with natural flora, the other with a mountain scene signifying perseverance. The abstract floral print starts at the top of the tank and cascades down through the waistline to create a soft and flowing feminine design, juxtaposed with the triangles of the N7 mark in different scales.

N7 Printed Capri: Featuring the N7 mark, the fabric for the capri is randomly cut, so every tight is one-of-a-kind. The result is a distinctive, contrast-driven look that subtly blends black and white to create rich gray tones that appear both heathered and color-blocked throughout the design.  N7 Zone Short: This modern short infuses N7 tradition with the triangles of the N7 mark and Nike N7 signature print on each side. N7 Wolf T-shirt: The inspiration for this graphic comes from the traditional belief in the wolf as a source of strength and courage.

N7 Graphic T-shirts: One features the Nike N7 signature print on the sleeves, while the other features a mountain scene denoting perseverance with turquoise symbolizing the clouds and sky.

N7 Nike Free 5.0: Reimagined with the N7 mark and signature turquoise color pops, the N7 Nike Free 5.0 running shoe embodies Nike’s natural design philosophy.

N7 Free Forward Moc 2: This N7 original is subtly updated with a new canvas-feel fabrication and a mesh cut-out Swoosh on the medial side for added breathability.

N7 Hyperfuse: This classic basketball style is made strikingly unique with a nature-inspired outsole made from recycled rubber material that includes a mix of colors for a unique marbling effect on each pair. 

About the N7 Collection and N7 Fund

The Summer 2014 N7 Collection supports the N7 Fund and its mission to inspire and enable two million Native American and Aboriginal youth in North American to participate in sport and physical activity. The N7 Collection highlights the N7 philosophy—In every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations—and also embodies Nike’s Considered Design ethos to create performance product engineered for superior athletic performance and lower environmental impact. Since the Nike N7 collection launched in 2009, more than $3 million has been raised for Native American and Aboriginal youth sport programs through the N7 Fund.

The Nike N7 Summer 2014 Collection will be available beginning May 17 at, Nike and Foot Locker locations across the United States and Canada. For more information about Nike N7, visit, or follow Nike N7 on Facebook and @NikeN7.