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Nike My Time Is Now campaign Features Recycled Football Kits Film

Basketball star LeBron James and Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez feature in a message about recycled football kits as part of Nike’s “My Time is Now” film.  The Better World film is one of nine hidden tunnels featured in the new campaign and viewers can experience content in a unique, interactive way designed to inspire and inform young athletes. Nike Better World is a commitment to create superior athletic performance product with lower environmental impact for the planet. 

The film starts with some expert ball control from LeBron James as he catches and then traps a Nike Maxim ball at his feet. Impressed, Javier Hernandez responds by executing a perfect basketball jump shot, dispatching a water bottle into a bin. The bottle tumbles down the bin, beginning its journey of transformation into a national team kit jersey. 

The film showcases each step of the intricate manufacturing process: plastic bottles are sorted, crushed and melted, refined into yarn, and converted to fabric, which is cut, dyed and stitched.  The process finishes with the addition of laser-cut ventilation holes, each team’s crest, and the Nike swoosh. 

Made with at least 96% recycled polyester, each jersey is made using an average of 7 plastic bottles, and each short is made using an average of 6 recycled plastic bottles—adding up to 13 plastic bottles per kit. This makes the 2012 National Team Kit Nike’s most environmentally-friendly ever.

The recycling process saves raw materials and reduces energy consumption by an estimated 30% compared to manufacturing virgin polyester. Since 2010, Nike Football has used an estimated 115 million recycled plastic bottles to create its high performance kits. Lined up end to end, that's enough bottles to stretch halfway around the world.

The “My Time is Now” film is part of a broader Nike Football brand campaign that features extensive digital, out-of-home and print executions celebrating iconic global players and aspiring footballers hungry to break into the elite game.  

Click this link to go to the interactive piece and look out for the Better World Tunnel.