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Nike Master Trainers Use NTC to Inspire Athletes Worldwide

Nike Master Trainers lead a global network of more than 600 fitness experts who motivate, coach and inspire.


As women across the globe embrace the fitness and sport lifestyle, they look for inspiration to start their fitness journey, set a new goal, achieve a personal best or embrace the #betterforit mindset. 

That’s where Nike’s Master Trainer Network comes in.

More than 50 handpicked Nike Master Trainers lead the global network, which includes over 600 trainers located around the world. These experts guide a worldwide charge to change lives through fitness. They lead by example and coach, inspire and motivate people around the world. Together, these collected specialists share best practices with one another and explore and initiate new fitness trends.


What Makes a Nike Master Trainer



Nike Master Trainers lead NTC workouts around the world.


Training, coaching and motivation are part of Nike’s DNA, dating back to co-founder and track coach Bill Bowerman. Nike+ Training Club and the Master Trainer Network follow in this legacy. 

Nike Master Trainers are regarded as pinnacle experts in their field. Master Trainers’ specialties range from yoga to high intensity training, and all are designated Nike Training Club instructors. As Master Trainers they have a wide variety of roles, from designing athlete-inspired Nike+ Training Club App workouts, to heading up local and regional Nike events.

“Nike Master Trainers are motivational and approachable ambassadors in the global fitness community,” says Kerri Hoyt-Pack, VP of Brand Marketing, Nike Women. “Whether they’re leading a workout on stage at an NTC Tour event or connecting with women through social media, they inspire athletes and fuel the movement of sport in a personal and powerful way.”

In the same way an athlete trains for her sport, Master Trainers continually keep up with fitness trends and new training techniques to assess what will best help athletes.

“Master Trainers are authentic, passionate and at the top of their game professionally,” says Geralyn Coopersmith, Global Director Performance and Fitness Training. “Their expertise varies as much as their personalities, but they all share the same philosophy – train like an athlete.”


The Evolution of the Nike Master Trainer Network

The story of the Nike Master Trainer is inextricably connected to Nike+ Training Club.

Nike’s longtime training heritage turned to technology around 2008, when a team began exploring prototypes that would eventually become the Nike+ Training Club App. The app, which first launched in 2011, delivers more than 135 athlete-inspired training sessions and gives millions of women who may not have the luxury of a personal coach or a fitness class a “trainer in their pocket.” Around the same time as the first iteration of the app, Nike initiated live NTC events, first in New York City and gradually throughout the world.

“The NTC App brings world-class fitness programs to everyone,” says Coopersmith. “NTC live events offer a high-energy, electric environment led by Master Trainers. The power of the physical and digital connection together is what fuels the community."



•    The NTC App has been downloaded 20 million times and counting, and is available in 17 different languages. 

•    There are more than 450 live NTC classes taking place every week in over 20 countries.

•    In 2014 Nike launched NTC Tour, an impressive, fun, five-hour training challenge designed and led by Nike Master Trainers. In its second year (2015), NTC Tour visited 13 different cities around the world. 

A Network of Inspiration and Learning

Master Trainers don’t just connect with the women they train in person at NTC events; they also connect with and learn from each other through social media. Some share what they know about their specialty — yoga, high-intensity training, weightlifting, barre — and many share inspirational tips and advice, engaging in a fitness dialog with the community.

“There’s a huge movement of girls and young women finding themselves through sport and fitness,” says Coopersmith. “Working out and getting in shape is not just about your body; it’s about learning that you have control over your destiny."


Find Your Fast with Nike Master Trainers

On July 6 Nike kicks off the Find Your Fast NTC Challenge, a 12-week series of workouts and running sessions specifically designed to increase speed, agility, and explosiveness. Six Nike Master Trainers will release new training sessions over the three-month period, each showcasing an area of expertise, including high-intensity training, yoga or barre. 

To view the Find Your Fast NTC Challenge or to download the NTC App, visit