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What Does A Year in Getting Kids Active Look Like?

Made to Play, Nike’s commitment to work with more than 60 global partners to get kids moving, reached more than 16 million kids around the world in 2018. That’s a whole lot of kids who are running, jumping, climbing and (well-natured) competing across the globe on their path to healthier, more successful lives.

Here are four ways Nike used Made to Play to get kids moving this year.

More support to more PE teachers

Hula-hoops, hop-scotch steps, racing rings – you name it, Meizhen Lin, a physical education teacher in China, has turned old bike tires into it. In addition to recognizing creative teachers like Lin through the 2018 Active School Innovation Awards, the China Active Schools program is training 7,000 teachers to deliver innovative PE lessons through the ongoing partnership between Nike and China’s Ministry of Education.

Turning employees into coaches

In 2018, 3,800 Nike retail employees in 30 countries spent more than 50,000 hours leading sports programs for local youth as part of Nike’s Community Ambassador program. Kids from Moscow to London to Los Angeles were given the chance to experience the joy of play with programming from homegrown Nike leaders who are contributing to positive change in their cities. 

Getting young runners on the road

Nike's community running partners for the past three years, Marathon Kids, hit a major milestone in 2018 – helping half a million kids experience the fun of recreational running, growing its influence across all 50 states.

Using football to fuel relationships

The 15,000 refugee children who live in Berlin face complicated barriers to play and sport. That’s why Nike, the International Rescue Committee and buntkicktgut (a German non-profit that uses football to foster healthy relationships among kids) teamed up with five schools in Berlin this year to bridge the worlds between local and migrant children.

In 2019, Nike will work with Women Win and online forum Gurls Talk in Europe to fund community organizations that are getting girls moving through the Gurls Talk x Made to Play Fund.