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Nike Partners with Chinese Tennis Star Li Na to Introduce Signature Line

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Li Na

Over a decade of competition, two-time Grand Slam winner Li Na has established herself as a global icon. With a free-spirited style of play, Li is the first Asian to win tennis’ coveted majors.

Today, Li’s influence stretches far beyond the court. Her inner confidence and passionate spirit are inspiring new generations of Chinese athletes — especially young women.

This March, Nike will release the China-exclusive Li Na Collection, honoring Li’s trailblazing determination and encouraging more girls to follow in her footsteps. It marks the first time that Nike will release an exclusive line for a Chinese woman.

The collection comprises pieces drawn from Nike’s rich Women’s Training and Sportswear styles. Modeled by five rising stars in Chinese sport and culture, it aims to extend Li’s inspiration to all fields of play.

The Muses for the Li Na Collection are footballer Zhao Lina, tennis player Zhang Shuai, swimmer Stephanie Au and models Bonnie Chen and Liya Wang.

Nike li na tennis collection 3 square 1600
Zhao Lina
Nike li na tennis collection 2 square 1600
Bonnie Chen
Nike li na tennis collection 14 square 1600
Zhang Shuai
Nike li na tennis collection 6 square 1600
Liya Wang
Nike li na tennis collection 7 square 1600
Stephanie Au

The Li Na Collection launches March 1 on and in select Mainland China stores.

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