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Nike and Georgetown Establish New Licensing Agreement, Advance Efforts to Support Workers' Rights

Nike and Georgetown announced today the forming of a new retail licensing agreement that reflects a shared commitment to improving working conditions in the collegiate apparel industry. As part of the agreement, Nike has established a new protocol with the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), which provides the WRC with formal access to Nike supplier factories that manufacture WRC-affiliated collegiate products, to investigate working conditions and strengthen coordination regarding any remediation efforts.

For more than 35 years, Nike and Georgetown have worked together both on and off the field. The two parties share the belief that collaboration among universities, brands and other stakeholders in the collegiate apparel industry is the most effective way to raise standards for workers around the world. 

“Nike and Georgetown share a deep commitment to manufacturing collegiate products under the highest standards, respecting workers and the environment. This new agreement reflects our unwavering commitment to listening, engaging and evolving our joint approaches to continuously raise the bar on affecting positive change for workers in apparel and footwear supply chains,” says Eric Sprunk, Nike’s Chief Operating Officer.

As part of the licensing contract, Nike has agreed that its contract manufacturers will abide by IMG College Licensing’s (IMGCL) Labor Code Standards that are aligned with Georgetown’s code and include the labor standards under which the WRC investigates factories. The Nike Code of Conduct meets or exceeds the IMGCL Labor Code Standards. Georgetown and Nike also have agreed on additional measures that will promote the wellbeing of factory workers, including a continued commitment to supply chain transparency.

Nike continues to work directly with the Fair Labor Association, a vital organization dedicated to raising the standards for workers through its comprehensive supply chain program. 

“We believe that our collective ability to raise global standards for workers far exceeds the result that each of us could achieve independently,” says Hannah Jones, Nike’s Chief Sustainability Officer and VP, Innovation Accelerator.

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