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Nike introduces the Legend Pant Collection

Pants are emotional. The right fit can create an enduring relationship. Thus, the Nike Legend Pant series was developed to flatter all types of women from XS to 3X, in all four fits – loose, slim, regular and tight. Each one has been obsessed over and crafted down to the smallest detail. Nothing was taken for granted, not a centimeter in a leg opening or the cut of the gusset – or even the pocket, which is tucked into the waistband – while that waistband itself is now protected by a patent. Designed to provide support and to move with a woman, the power-mesh waistband construction stays in place while creating a flattering silhouette.

On the rear and thighs the seams were moved to the back to enhance the fit. A subtle v-shaped seam connecting the waistband to the legs accentuates the curves and shape of the rear. The rise was lowered, tilted and tailored to flatter and support. As Senior Concept Developer Mariellen Flood says, “It took us six months just to get the fit of the rear right, but now in product testing we’re having women tell us their boyfriends say their butts look amazing in it. Women are also telling us they look and feel a size smaller.”

Now, the Nike Legend Pant doesn’t simply help a woman look good, it does good too. Using a new fabric that’s both thick and soft, the Nike Legend Pant is made from recycled polyester. So each pair saves an average of 10 water bottles from becoming landfill.

The Nike Legend Pant’s fit goes from tight to loose. The Nike Legend Tight Pant follows the traditional fit, featuring the new waistband construction for a refined and tightened shape. With the Nike Legend Slim Pant , the inner thigh and hip have been tightened while the flare is increased for a more enhancing fit. The Nike Legend Regular Pant fit has also been loosened lightly at the hip and the thigh as compares to the slim silhouette. The Nike Legend Loose Pant stays true to its name, while incorporating a drawstring into the ankle cuff for adjustability. The Nike Legend Pant – in all its cuts – looks to be a legend in the making.

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