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Five Teams Wearing Nike Kits Advance in Brasil

Five of 10 national teams wearing Nike kits will advance to the next round in Brasil. Nike’s 2014 national team home kits combine the latest performance innovation with soulful design. Each country’s kits are specially designed to celebrate national pride and heritage. 

Designers used three-dimensional body scans of elite footballers to collect data on the form of today’s players, identifying an updated fit, improving comfort and allowing the body to move more naturally within the kit. Nike Dri-FIT technology and Nike Pro Baselayer were used to regulate the player’s body temperature and allow for increased venting and breathability. 



Brasil’s 2014 kit reflects a distinctive new design, while staying true to the tradition of the yellow jersey.  

After body-scanning each member of the Brasilian National team, Nike designers used the insights to develop a neckline that maximizes comfort and great fit. 

Metallic gold thread was used in the Brasilian crest for a shimmering effect, and the 2014 crest is slightly larger than previous years.  Behind the crest, on the inside of the jersey, is “Nascido para jogar futebol,” or “Born to Play Football.” The home kit features a small yellow canary motif representing “Canarinho”, the nickname given to the team when they wear the yellow home jersey.

The shorts are a classic Brasilian Varsity Royal with a white stripe. The fonts used on hand-printed Brasilian street posters inspire the style of the names and number.  


The design for the away kit was inspired from the energy and movement Brasilian people bring to sport, dance and life. The traditional blue jersey features the crest and geometric circles and diamonds taken from the Brasilian flag. The blue background reflects Brasil’s coastline and surf culture. 

The pennant tab inside the back of the neck shows the Southern Cross, the constellation of stars on the nation’s flag. These stars shined over Rio de Janeiro when the Brasilian republic was proclaimed in 1889. Blue away socks complete the classic Brasilian look.



France’s 2014 kit captures the innate style and national pride of France with a sophisticated look. The fabric detail of the French jersey is inspired by the story of Nimes – a town in the south of France and the birthplace of modern denim and silk shawls worn throughout Europe in the 18th century.

The crest features a new design inspired by the 1958 crest and reflects players’ feedback of wanting to “feel the history of our country.”  The cockerel design has been enlarged, freed from its badge and given the space to again become the ultimate symbol of French national pride. 

The crest is embroidered just above the heart and on the bottom of each player’s number, and a flag is placed on the inside of the neck on each kit. The shorts are classic white.


The 2014 away kit features the French inherent style and flair for fashion. The "Marinière," a classic French design motif, makes a subtle return to the shirt in the form of a tonal grey mariner stripe. 

The away jersey has a stand collar, and inside the back of the neck is a small pennant featuring the red, white and blue colors of France’s tricolor flag. 

The shorts are midnight navy blue. The fabric was inspired by the southern French town of Nimes – the birthplace of denim and originator of the fabric's name (de Nimes). The new away socks are classic white.



Greece’s 2014 kit features a stylish and contemporary design. The jersey was designed as a continuation of Nike's “Attack as One” social activation during the tournament qualifiers. The campaign celebrates the spirit of unity and cohesion of the Greek team and their aspiration to play daring and attacking football even though they are famous for their rigid defense.

The Greece home jersey is white with a blue polo collar and deep blue cuffs on the sleeves, both featuring a thin white stripe. The long concealed collar placket reflects the best of modern tailoring. The shorts and socks are white.


The away kit has a reverse design of the home kit with the blue jersey featuring a white polo collar and white cuffs on the sleeves, both with a thin blue stripe. The shorts and socks are blue.

The Netherlands


Featuring bold new design details, the 2014 Dutch home kit captures the unique spirit and enduring pride of Dutch football.

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of the KNBV (Royal Dutch Football Association), the 2014 jersey sports a striking new crest featuring an enlarged white lion – the lion has been used on The Dutch kits since 1907. 

Beneath the crest is the Royal Dutch Football Association’s founding year of 1889, along with 2014 to commemorate its 125th anniversary. Inside the back of the neck is an orange pennant tab showcasing the crown that sits upon the lion’s head on the Association’s own crest.

Nike also collaborated with the legendary Dutch graphic designer and typographer Wim Crouwel to create new names and numbers – reminiscent of the numbers famously seen in football in the 1970s. Each number houses a small Royal Dutch Football Association crest at the bottom. The shorts are white and the home socks are orange.


The away jersey features an isometric grid pattern of interlocking chevrons – representing the prominence of water in Dutch life and the country's landscape. The blue in the pattern signifies the Dutch royal family and the color of the cross that appears in their official flag.

This design also reflects the essence of Dutch football and the dynamic style of National Team Coach Louis van Gaal’s team, wherein each player subverts themselves to the team and intricate passing and movement conforms to a system. The shorts and away socks are imperial purple. 

United States


The USA home kit’s bold design is the ultimate expression of American style and patriotism. The jersey is white with gray horizontal pinstripes across the body and sleeves, a reference to the USA’s historic tradition of using stripes. The white polo collar features red trim, and inside the back of the neck is a blue pennant tab with the original thirteen stars of the American Flag. 

The back of the jersey includes the REX font for the names and numbers. Each number on the back of the jersey also houses a small U.S. Soccer crest at the bottom.  

The shorts are white with a red stripe on each side. The socks coordinate with the classic aesthetic. 


The away jersey has a modern crew-neck collar and consists of three bands representing the colors of the American flag. The base color of the jersey and the cuff of the sleeves is a prominent red. The upper torso and top sleeves include a bold blue tone, and a white chest band extends over the middle of both sleeves.

The prominent red color extends impressively from the feet, through the shorts and all the way to the white chest band on the jersey.