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Enemies of the Course Celebrates Golf's Unsung Heroes


Before the sun rises, before any clubs are removed from their covers, before practice swings are taken and tees are placed in the ground, greenskeepers tirelessly labor to prepare the course for play. When a sprinkler line breaks or a clump of weeds threatens to invade the fairway, they quietly work to ensure the next tee time is uninterrupted.

The latest in the Nike Golf Club Collection, the Enemies of the Course pack pays homage to these unsung heroes of the game via a custom print created in collaboration with artist Michelle Morin. Combining the motif with street-style influences, the collection introduces a range of course-ready looks.


Depicted in the print are more than 15 varieties of plants and animals — the various enemies that greenskeepers combat on a daily basis as they keep the courses in the best condition possible to allow golfers to focus on their game. Enemies included in the print are snakes, geese, deer, dandelions, one-leaf clovers and an alligator.

“Once I nailed down which plants and animals I wanted to include, I was able to play around with the color and pattern,” Morin explains. “I altered the scale of some of the plants to give the finished piece a more imaginary narrative. My goal was to create a pattern that allowed the viewer to get lost in the detail and that brings your eye in and out of the composition, so with every glance you see something new.” 

Also featured in the collection are lifestyle-inspired silhouettes, such as the raglan polo, fleece cardigan, coach’s jacket and selvedge pant, designed for off-course style with on-course functionality. A bucket hat and an AW84 are available in both black and the iconic Enemies of the Course print.

The Enemies of the Course pack is available now at and select retailers.

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