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NIKE+ FuelBand Updates With Path Integration

Following its successful launch earlier this year, Nike will release an update to its Nike+ FuelBand app for iPhone and iPod touch today (6.29) with new features designed to improve the overall experience. 

One of the major additions to the update includes integration with Path - the mobile platform that lets you share your activity with your close friends and family. The partnership allows you to sync your Nike+ FuelBand activity with your Path profile allowing the user to keep track of the places and moments where they collected their NikeFuel. At the end of your day, you will see a graph of progress against your goal and the Path moments that align with that progress. Now, with Path, you can share the moments that matter, and now your daily NikeFuel goal, with the people who matter to you.

The partnership follows on from the recent integration with Nike+ Running that allows users to share their running data on their Path profile.

In addition, the new app update also allows background syncing making the process much easier and seamless. To initiate the sync, hold down the button on the Nike+ FuelBand for approximately three seconds and the app will finish your sync and notify when it's done. No need to open the app as with the previous version.

Setting the time can now be done through the app as opposed to just via your computer. And data is now held offline so you can view your activity without the need to be connected. Finally, you are now able to check the battery level through the app rather than wait for the warning that you are approaching time to charge.

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