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Nike+ FuelBand App for Android Now Available

NIKE, Inc. today announced the availability of a Nike+ FuelBand App for Android, giving Android users the ability to seamlessly connect their Nike+ FuelBand SE and Android device. Through this app, Nike adds another access point for athletes to tap into Nike+ and NikeFuel to set goals and get motivation to surpass them.

“With 30 million users, NikeFuel is rapidly becoming the universal measure of activity. Now, with the launch of the Nike+ FuelBand App for Android we’re delighted to help even more athletes get better,” said Stefan Olander, Nike’s VP of Digital Sport. “This is another important step in the continued growth of our powerful ecosystem of digital products and services.”

The Nike+ FuelBand SE is the smart, simple and fun way to get more active by measuring everyday activity and turning it into NikeFuel. 

NikeFuel is a single, universal way to measure all kinds of activities—from a morning workout to a big night out. NikeFuel is uniquely designed to track the user’s active life, measuring whole-body movement no matter the age, weight or gender.

To create the best user experience, Nike leveraged Bluetooth LE technology to enable a seamless, automatic sync between the Nike+ FuelBand SE and the consumer’s mobile device. This type of sync requires an Android handset and operating system that can support Bluetooth LE and Nike+ FuelBand SE. The Android app runs on version Jelly Bean 4.3 and above, supporting the following handsets: Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, Nexus 5 and the Moto X. 

Key features and benefits of the Nike+ FuelBand App for Android include:

NikeFuel Daily Goal - Create a goal, edit and view progress toward that goal.

Sessions - Track deliberate periods of movement, such as workouts and games, by starting and ending a Session on the Nike+ FuelBand SE. Review session data afterward for a focused analysis of movement. Users can calibrate and share sessions via

Move Reminders and Win The Hour – Users can set up Move Reminders on their Nike+ FuelBand SE so they will remember to get moving for five minutes out of every hour. The Nike+ FuelBand App allows users to track their success with Win The Hour stats.

NikeFuel Leaderboards – Compare data with friends and the community by using Nike+ Friends and the NikeFuel community.

Activity and Session History - Analyze past activity data to see progress and patterns.

NikeFuel Daily Goal Recognition – When a goal is achieved, an onscreen celebration will appear.

Automatic Syncing - Bluetooth LE seamlessly syncs Nike+ FuelBand data to a compatible Android handset.

Profile and Settings - View and edit Nike+ account information and Nike+ FuelBand SE device settings on the app.

The English only version of the Nike+ FuelBand App for Android is available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Japan for free download from the Google Play Store.

For more information on the Nike+ FuelBand SE, Nike+ FuelBand App and NikeFuel please visit: Or follow @NikeFuel on Twitter.

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