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Nike Free Trainer 3.0 Provides Directional Flexibility and Strength

latest Free Trainer 3.0 offers structural lockdown for improved quickness in all directions.

Intense training demands strength and flexibility: the freedom of mobility as well as the stability of structural support. Athletes need a shoe that enables them to run, cut, jump and lift at will, moving with the unbridled confidence of a child running barefoot through the yard. 

The Nike Free Trainer 3.0 V4 was built to inspire that confidence. 

“When I was 12 years old, most of the people told me ‘Cristiano, you are a very, very good, talented player, but you are very skinny, very slim.’ And I put it in my mind: the body, we can improve… I put it in my mind, ‘Well, this is not that difficult. I have the talent. Now I’ll go to the gym and prove myself.’” – Cristiano Ronaldo

The Nike Free Trainer 3.0 V4 features a completely revamped upper. Backboned by an internal heel counter, the upper features a woven circular-knit mesh that strengthens when the foot is engaged in order to reduce friction during movement. “The circular knit material in the upper creates a one-to-one fit against the foot,” explains Tim Day, Product Line Manager in Athletic Training Footwear, “This prevents slippage when an athlete is changing direction. When the foot is securely locked down, athletes can transition much faster while cutting and breaking.”

The one-way stretch of the upper provides the shoe with both directional flexibility and strength: fibers expand lengthwise with the natural motion of the foot, while locking in place during lateral movement in order to provide stability. 

The confidence in the performance of the shoe is paralleled by the boldness of its design. The variety of patterns generated by the use of the circular knit materials creates a disruptive visual pop, allowing athletes to be explosive in both their movements and their style. 

Nike training free tr 3.0 cr cut hd 1600
Nike training free tr 3.0 cr run hd 1600

“We designed this for athletes who want to be fast in all directions,” said Day. “It’s incredibly lightweight and low to the ground, making it extremely stable and responsive. Being lower to the ground also allows for quicker bursts and more explosive movements.”

The latest Free Trainer 3.0 V4 continues to utilize the innovative Free 3.0 outsole of its predecessor: its hexagonal flex grooves are molded to offer six different flex points, providing the ultimate capacity for natural motion. 

The Nike Free Trainer 3.0 V4 is available now at and select retail locations.