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The New Nike Free TR Flyknit 3 Women's Training Shoe

When it came time to evolve the Nike Free TR for women, a shoe built for a variety of training activities from agility to strength work, designers looked at two main things:

1) How the foot lands during common training movements. Training today is more versatile than ever, and any given workout can include things like jumps, sprints and lateral bounds as well as weighted exercises. Research and testing focused on the biomechanics of the foot during these movements, which generated insight into how the foot changes shape on impact and when loading.

2) Where the foot sits in the shoe. During training workouts, people mainly move on their forefoot and thus their foot often slips away from the heel counter when in motion.

Nike designers discovered that when arches collapse and toes get splayed, the contact area to the ground increases, which could lead to better stability. With the goal to increase stability in the heel and maximize flex and movement in the forefoot, the designers evolved the shoe from the ground up, landing on these seven key updates:

The Nike Free TR 3 Women’s Training shoe will be available March 1 on and at select retailers.