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The 2021-22 Football Away Kits Bring Fans Even Closer to Their Clubs

Editor's Note: This story has been updated from the original July 8, 2021 posting 

Nike designs for kits at a level that understands global football’s massive influence on local culture. Maybe no other sport has the scale of the beautiful game, whether that scale measures fandom or the environmental footprint it leaves behind. By both measures, Nike serves a new generation of global football fans by combining attentive, original club designs with lower-carbon materials.

In designing for the future through Move to Zero, Nike uses recycled polyester made from plastic water bottles, an approach the company has used to produce its football kits since 2010. Recycled polyester reduces carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to virgin polyester, helping to lessen the kits’ environmental impact.

Of course, Nike’s creativity in kit design is still front and center. The away kit designs highlight different touchpoints of each club’s identity through local lore, symbolic architecture, rich color palettes and more. Nike football kits comment on the culture for the modern fan, here and now.

Atlético de Madrid

The blue and crimson of the Atletico de Madrid 2021-22 Away kits are a throwback to one of the most iconic Atlético de Madrid jerseys of the ‘90s, when the club won both the League Cup and the Spanish Cup, a feat known as the “Double.” A v-neck features a hand drawn graphic, while a triton detail is included on the sock.

The 21/22 Atlético de Madrid Away kit will be available August 5 to Nike Members from and August 7 to full retail.


Chelsea F.C.

Chelsea F.C.’s 2021-22 away kit brings back the iconic yellow colorway, last seen during the 2018-19 season; the hue has a storied place in the club’s away kit history, reaching back to the early ’60s. In this latest edition, horizontal pinstripes cover the body and the sleeves and accents are hidden in the neckline. The kit is completed by black shorts and yellow socks with a black stripe. The “Pride of London” logo appears on the inside of the jersey, serving as a reminder of the club’s values.

“When you look over the years, you always remember the yellow kits on our heroes that made an impact,” says midfielder Mason Mount. “As players I feel we can do the same and create even more special moments in this new kit.”

The Chelsea F.C. 2021-22 away kit releases July 29 to Nike Members and August 5 to full retail.

F.C. Internazionale Milano

The FC Internazionale Milano 2021-22 away kit takes the serpentine inspiration from the home kits one step further by depicting a snake’s winding profile around the body. Featuring a white base, black and blue trim and the Scudetto on the center chest, the kit is left open to feature the coiled Biscione, or grass snake.

The FC Internazionale Milano 2021-22 away kit releases July 26 to Nike members and later in the summer in a full release.

Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

The expressive, marbled print for the Tottenham Hotspur F.C. 2021-22 away kit symbolizes the rich diversity of North London and puts local creativity at the heart of the design. A navy base is accentuated by blue trim detailing and a bright-yellow Swoosh, crest and sponsor logo.

The Tottenham Hotspur F.C. 2021-22 away kit releases July 22 to Nike Members and July 30 to full retail.

Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

The Paris Saint-Germain F.C. 2021-22 away kit is inspired by the city’s suburbs, colloquially known as Paname. New life is given to the away jersey through a pastel pink stripe down the kit’s center black line. The sleeve cuffs alternate in pink and black.

The Paris Saint-Germain F.C. 2021-22 away kit releases July 21 to Nike Members and July 28 to full retail.

F.C. Barcelona

A purple color palette for F.C. Barcelona’s away kits provides a modern, progressive look for the club’s road matches. The red and blue trims are in line with Blaugrana tradition, and the phrases “tots units fem força” and “totes unides fem força,” which translate to “together stronger” in female and male verbal forms, are embossed within the side stripes to signify the city’s unity around the club. Symbolically, the color purple is used to highlight gender equality; the kit is included in Barça’s “More Than” campaign to represent the club’s commitment to women’s football and to female leadership in the sport.  

“I think our younger fans are going to love it, it’s so fresh and different from anything I’ve ever seen,” says midfielder Aitana Bonmati. “In every look you find more intricate details; it’s the perfect uniform for representing this amazing club with its rich history.”

The monochromatic crest reflects different colors depending on the view. A rainbow thread within the shirt borrows from the badge, while Senyera-inspired bars of yellow and red complete the neckline.

The 2021-22 F.C. Barcelona away kit will be available to Nike Members July 15 on and at full retail July 20.

Liverpool F.C.

Liverpool F.C.'s 2021-22 away kit borrows from the cult classic 1996-97 kit in its stone white base. The color is also symbolic of The Three Graces, the collection of buildings that comprise the city’s iconic skyline. The striping in the collar and the sock are consistent with the bright crimson details of the club’s home kits. On the nape of the neck, the 96-emblem encased by the eternal flames sits proudly in memory of the 96 children, women and men who lost their lives at Hillsborough.

“I think the fans will love this one," says midfielder Curtis Jones. "It’s a perfect reflection of the city and you can see the inspiration throughout the design with a throwback to the ’90s.”

The Liverpool F.C. 2021-22 away kits release July 8 to Nike Members and July 15 at select retailers.