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Nike's SuperRep family of footwear is built to serve the performance needs of class-based fitness athletes.

Each unique silhouette — including the debut shoe, the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep — responds to the specifications of a particular type of workout, be it a boot camp or spin class. The shoes are created with a commitment to extend the same level of expertise provided to professional athletes to all enthusiasts who work on a daily and weekly basis to better themselves.

“Fitness classes are booming around the world,” says Jamie Jeffries, VP/GM of Nike Training. “Working out is its own sport, and Nike’s SuperRep shoes are designed to deliver on the performance needs specific to these activities.”

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The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep is an innovative shoe built specifically for the rigors of high-intensity classes.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts alternate bouts of going all-out with periods of rest to recover. The movements are diverse — burpees, kettlebell swings, lunges, mountain climbers, push-ups, squats and many more — and are sequenced to get maximum impact from maximum effort.

The design of the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep takes into account hundreds of hours spent sweating it out, studying and observing fitness classes. In those classes, it became apparent that athletes were either wearing shoes that were cushioned or shoes that were supportive, but there wasn't a shoe that provided both cushioning and support specific to fundamental HIIT movements.

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Using Zoom Air in the forefoot not only creates a dynamic aesthetic, it also helps provide impact protection and a responsiveness that gives back rep after rep after rep.

This cushioning — a two-unit system under the forefoot — doesn’t act alone. A plate running from heel to forefoot helps roll the foot forward and into a ready position for the majority of upright HIIT movements. The upper is crafted to support lateral moves, such as skaters and side lunges. The “burpee break” provides stability in plank positions and allows the foot to bend naturally when driving into mountain climbers.

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The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep also introduces an unmistakable signature mark — an exaggerated arc design near the ball of the foot — that carries into the SuperRep family's other two initial styles, the Nike SuperRep Cycle and Nike SuperRep Go.

Together, the trio of shoes form a base for Nike SuperRep that will build throughout 2020 and beyond.

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep launches December 17 for Nike Members in Europe and will be available January 2 on and at select retailers. The Nike SuperRep Go releases in April and the Nike SuperRep Cycle follows in summer.

Put the SuperRep to Work

Take the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep through its paces with the three dynamic movements below, performing 20 reps of each. (Love the feel? Check out more moves like these in the library of HIIT workouts available on the Nike Training Club app.)

High Knees
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and raise one knee up toward chest; immediately switch sides to drive the opposite knee up. That's 1 rep. Continue alternating, pumping arms to increase the intensity, for remaining reps.
The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep advantage: The Air Zoom in the forefoot cushions and absorbs impact while it provides responsive, snappy energy to tackle the next rep.

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Mountain Climbers
Start in plank position on the floor and pull one knee in toward chest; immediately switch sides to repeat on opposite leg. That's 1 rep. Continue alternating, keeping back flat and hips down, for remaining reps.
The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep advantage: The flexible design of the "burpee break" allows your foot to easily and comfortably get into — and drive out of — plank position.

Lateral Bounds
Stand with feet together, arms at sides with elbows bent. With your weight on your left foot, leap your right foot as far as possible to your right side, landing softly with right knee slightly bent and bringing left foot to meet it; repeat in opposite direction for 1 rep. Continue alternating, pumping arms to increase the intensity, for remaining reps.
The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep advantage: Durable side arcs (what Nike designers call the "Containment Shield") help keep your foot securely locked in place as you bound from side to side.