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New Nike+ Training Club App Update Inspires Athletes for the New Year

Sharing is motivation with the latest update, making it easier and more fun to connect with the global community of Nike+ athletes. 

The new year is the best time to tackle new goals, try new fitness routines and get inspired for workout milestones to crush in the months ahead. Available Jan. 5, the latest update for the Nike+ Training Club App packs in a bundle of new features and introduces an all-new athlete-led workout to help female athletes around the world connect with their fitness community and reach new personal bests in 2015. 

“The Nike+ Training Club App is connecting our community of athletes like never before,” said Kerri Hoyt-Pack, VP of Brand Marketing, Nike Women. “Women will now be able to communicate with each other through the Nike Sport Feed, from organizing local group workouts to sending encouragement around the world.”

A Guide to Discover Everything Fitness: The Nike Sport Feed

January’s updates were driven by insights from Nike’s relationship with a digital community of more than 65 million women. One key insight was about connecting with the community — the more Nike+ friends an athlete has, the more active she is

With this in mind, the Nike+ Training Club App now features new, easier and more fun ways for her to connect with friends to encourage them and share her own successes and goals. The all-new Nike Sport Feed will help her stay engaged with her friends as well as the broader N+TC App community. For example, after a user shares her completed workout in the app’s sport feed, her friends will be able to both “cheer” and click into the workout to try it themselves. The Nike Sport Feed will also house workouts of the week and user-generated photos that can be personalized with data about the workout.

The updated N+TC App will also include a profile feature and improved navigation. The profile will track a user’s NikeFuel tally, as well as update her on her friends, workout minutes and program progress. The improved home screen layout makes it easier for her to jump into her favorite workout or discover new workouts.


Share photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


Navigate the app easily with the improved home screen


Learn about new workouts through the Nike Sport Feed

Sharing is Motivation

Athletes’ insights revealed that N+TC App users who share their workouts more than once in their first month using the app do 80 percent more workouts in that same month. To encourage more motivation, the team enhanced the sharing features within the app to make it even easier and more fun to share.

The updated N+TC App introduces photo sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Athletes can snap a picture before, during or after their workout and choose from a variety of fun stamps and overlays to share with their community. Her photo will also populate the Nike Sport Feeds of her Nike+ friends' N+TC Apps.

Train Like a Pro: The NTC Tabata Toned Workout

Launching with the app update is the new NTC Tabata Toned Workout, featuring six of the world’s best female athletes showing how they tackle the most intense workouts for top results. Athletes of any level looking to tone up in the new year can work out using the same moves as:

  • Leticia Bufoni, Gold Medalist, Skateboarding

  • Marlen Esparza, World Champion and Bronze Medalist, Boxing

  • Morgan Lake, Double World Junior Champion, Heptathlon and High Jump

  • Kyah Simon, World-Class Striker

  • Lea Wallace, Four-Time NCAA All-American, Track & Field

  • Michelle Wie, U.S. Women’s Open Champion, Golf

(l-r) Lea Wallace, Michelle Wie, Leticia Bufoni, Marlen Esparza, Morgan Lake and Kyah Simon

Tabata-inspired workouts help prepare these athletes for explosive energy bursts required across their sports, whether it be Esparza throwing lightning-quick punches, Lake or Wallace jetting out from the start line, Wie crushing a long drive, Simon charging in for a goal or Bufoni pulling off a flawless tre flip.

Tabata training originated at the elite level to help athletes maximize performance out of an efficient workout. In a Tabata-style workout, athletes use a two-to-one ratio of intense work (for example, for 40 seconds) followed by rest (20 seconds) and repeat this pattern over a series of rounds. The result is a workout that challenges the anaerobic system and helps improve whole body coordination, two key factors in optimal fitness and sports performance.

Each move in the 12-minute NTC Tabata Toned Workout is a combination of a move the women do in their own training and one of the six core moves that are central to almost every sport or workout: push, pull, lunge, squat, bend and rotate. Developed with insights from Nike Master Trainers, these core moves account for almost every element of an athlete’s training. The NTC Tabata Toned Workout trains the entire body, providing fat-burning endurance moves and all-over muscle toning in just one 12-minute workout. 

About Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a global fitness community of girls driven by self-expression in movement and training. It embodies Nike’s commitment to inspire and enable female athletes through its products, services and experiences.

The N+TC App is the digital heartbeat of the club, uniting its members no matter where they train. The full-body training app caters to every level of fitness. Athletes can choose four-week programs or one-off workouts in order to chase their goals of getting lean, toned or strong.

The N+TC App features more than 100 workouts and is free to download on iOS and Android in English, Chinese (Standard and Traditional), Japanese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Thai, Korean, Brasilian Portuguese, Turkish, and Central American and South American Spanish-language versions. 

About Nike+

The Nike+ ecosystem is Nike’s rapidly growing family of Nike+ and NikeFuel-enabled products and services designed for athletes at all levels. The ecosystem includes the Nike+ FuelBand SE and Nike+ Apps such as Nike+ Running, Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Move. To see how Nike+ data stacked up in 2014 for users in the United States and Canada, including how top Nike+ athletes qualified for their own personalized animated film, check out Your Year with Nike+.