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Nike Celebrates Seven Years of N7 with Holiday 2014 Collection

N7 is Nike’s long-time commitment and mission to inspire and enable two million Native American and Aboriginal youth in North America to participate in sport and physical activity. The N7 philosophy embraces the Native philosophy — In every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations. To celebrate seven years of N7, the Nike Holiday 2014 N7 collection features graphics inspired by Northwest Coastal Art across a range of running, basketball, sportswear and training styles.

Nike N7 ambassadors

Three Nike N7 ambassadors represent the Northwest coast of North America and proudly wear the collection: soccer player Temryss Lane of the Lummi Nation in Washington state; basketball player Damen Bell-Holter of the Haida tribe in Alaska; and slopestyle snowboarder Spencer O’Brien of the Kwakwakw'wakw tribe in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Soccer player Temryss Lane of the Lummi tribe in Washington state


Basketball player Damen Bell-Holter of the Haida tribe in Alaska


Slopestyle snowboarder Spencer O’Brien of the Haida and Kwakwakw'wakw tribes in Vancouver, British Columbia

The art of the Northwest region

Nike collaborated with Peter Boome, a Northwest Coast artist and member of the Upper Skagit tribe, to assist in developing the graphics presented in the Holiday 2014 N7 collection. 

“The art of the Northwest region has historically existed as symbols carved onto artistic and utilitarian objects — virtually almost anything. N7’s interest in Northwest Coastal graphics is a natural progression of the art itself.  If you're going to design everything, why not design the clothes that you wear?” said Peter Boome. “I love the abstract qualities of Nike's take on traditional designs — bringing movement to the wings and other traditional elements. Apparel is meant to move, so the integration of movement in the design is intuitive.”

“Northwest art stands on its own, but the reach of N7 is broader than I ever realized in terms of its impact on Native youth as they define who they are and what path they will take,” Boome said. 

Traditional design elements from Northwest Coastal art are used throughout the HO14 N7 Collection. The Raven, known as the bringer of light as well as a powerful storyteller and teacher; and the Frog, known for its knowledge and adaptability to live both in water and on land, are featured. All of the designs are grounded in black and red to reflect traditional Northwest Coastal art. Gold and silver accents are used to signify the seventh anniversary of N7.

N7 T-shirt with the Raven for men and Frog for women




N7 Graphic Hoodie

The men’s N7 Graphic Hoodie features the detail of the wings of the Raven.
The women’s N7 Graphic Hoodie features the detail of the wings of the Raven.

N7 Printed Zone Short

The detail of the wings of the Raven are featured on the Men’s Printed Zone Short.

N7 Printed Tight

The detail of the wings of the Raven are featured on the Women’s Printed Tight, with no two tights exactly alike based on how the pattern is placed on the fabric.

N7 Zoom Pegasus 31

The N7 Zoom Pegasus 31 features bold red with a silver “07” to celebrate the seventh anniversary of N7.

N7 KD7

Kevin Durant’s fourth partnership with N7 on his signature shoe, the KD7, features design elements of the Raven in gold.

N7 Roshe Run Woven

The women’s N7 Roshe Run Woven features “07” in gold to celebrate the seventh anniversary of N7.

N7 Nike Free Inneva Woven

The men’s N7 Nike Free Inneva Woven features a woven construction.

About N7

After nearly a decade of partnership with tribes across North America to support programs aimed at physically active lifestyles, Nike deepened its connection to the Native American community in 2007 with the launch of N7 and the Nike Air Native N7 shoe. The N7 collection followed in 2009, to celebrate Native American and Aboriginal culture and to raise awareness for the N7 Fund, which has raised more than $3 million for Native American and Aboriginal youth sport programs.

The N7 Collection, which incorporates organic cotton and recycled polyester into several styles, highlights the N7 philosophy of considering the lasting impact our decisions have on the planet and embodies Nike’s commitment to sustainable innovation by creating product engineered for superior athletic performance and lower environmental impact. The Holiday 2014 N7 Collection will be available beginning Nov. 8 at, Nike and Foot Locker locations across the United States and Canada. For more information about Nike N7, visit, and follow Nike N7 on Facebook and @NikeN7.