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Mark Parker’s Nike Air Max Ultra M

In March 2016, HTM celebrates Air Max, adding new dimension to the elusive collaborative line. For the first time, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker have each created a model that reflects their respective contributions to the longstanding partnership. Here, Parker breaks down the Nike Air Max Ultra M. 


On borrowing elements from the BW… I like products that communicate what they do very clearly. I love simple, stealth products too, but sometimes it’s fun to come up with something really bold and loud. With a name like Big Window, it’s pretty clear what the Air Max BW stands for.

On the upper… The BW upper has these hard, clean lines in the transitions of the upper. With a new technology like jacquard, I started playing with ways to create distinct areas in a softer way, using a gradient, pixelated effect. It still has the bold technology of the big window, but has a more organic tone in the upper.

On his inspiration from the past… I designed those three running shoes: the Vengeance, the Vortex and the Vector. If you look at the V-Series, it’s a classic shoe of that design era. You have the tip, eye stay, counter, back tab, vamp, Swoosh, midsole and outsole. Everything revolved around that formula.

So there are a few hints of that in this Air Max. It’s an ode to the classic cut and sew design language of the 1980s, executed in a modern way.

Nike Air Max BW Ultra M_2
The paneling pays tribute to the classic cut and sew designs of 1980s running shoes.
Nike Air Max BW Ultra M_5
The custom jacquard woven upper delivers a pixel effect.
Nike Air Max BW Ultra M_4
The lightweight, flexible ultra tooling provides increased comfort.
Nike Air Max BW Ultra M_3
Premium leather in the heel and tongue adds an element of luxury.

The Nike Air Max Ultra M is available March 24 on and on Air Max Day at select retailers.

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