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MAKING App Adds New Features For Sustainable Design

Nike has released an updated version of the MAKING app, adding new features and a roster of additional materials commonly used in footwear and apparel to help designers make informed sustainable design decisions from head-to-toe.

MAKING is a designer-friendly, easy-to-use tool that ranks materials based on four environmental impact areas: water, chemistry, energy and waste, as well as whether the material uses recycled or organic content. With the ability to browse and directly compare materials, MAKING gives designers a quick and easy way to assess the environmental impacts of their material choices.  

New features of the app include:

  • 20 additional materials commonly used in footwear, including rubber, EVA foam and zinc

  • Deeper insights on the materials, including key performance characteristics such as insulating, waterproof, and absorbent

  • Tips for improving the environmental impact of designs

  • Comparison tool to measure the sustainability attributes between materials

  • Ability to filter materials by apparel, footwear and all materials categories

  • Easier navigation and sharing functionality

MAKING is powered by data from the Nike Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), a database built on more than seven years of materials research and analysis. This data has been made public with the goal of helping to lead industry sustainability efforts and provide designers and product creators with guidance in selecting materials with lower environmental impacts. MAKING scores materials out of a possible 50 points. 

MAKING is available to download free of charge from the Apple iTunes store.