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Make Yourself: A Super Power

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Winter training certainly takes some superhuman powers. Simply getting to your workout when the elements are against you is enough to make any woman hope for something super natural to motivate her along the way. Then add the I’m-tireds, I don’t-feel-like-it, I’ll go tomorrow, and any other excuse that can stand in the way when the weather is grim or even sometimes when it’s good. The Nike Women’s Training Holiday 2011 collection is out to change that. Take away the worry of being cold and wet and Make Yourself In- vincible with water-repellant, Hyperwarm materials and innovations that bring style to the season while making getting there and keeping you there almost effortless. Feel motivated by the power of zero-distraction knowing that your apparel and footwear has taken care of all elemental villains that stand in your way. There is no more shrinking from the rain or hiding from the snow. There are no more tomorrows, not nows or another days since you will have what you need to protect yourself to get through even the worst of it. Make Yourself a Super Power.

Force of Nature / Everyday Champions

To illustrate the charac- teristics of the collection, Nike collaborated with two of the world’s most respected female comic artists, Jan Duursema and Amanda Conner. To- gether they captured the epic aspects of the new Nike Women’s Training Holiday 2011 collection and the various scenarios where with its help you can overcome almost any obstacle. Nike has a long tradition of working with artists who share the same obsessive dedication to innovation, craftsmanship, and looking to culture as a means to inspire through sport. Jan and Amanda’s works, like Nike Women’s Training apparel and footwear, have been crafted down to the smallest detail and the finest line. Creating comic art is a long process from pencil to final color, and Jan and Amanda tirelessly labor over every aspect in bringing not just a char- acter but also an entire world to the page. Both of them have made themselves heroes in their own unique way, inspiring others with their work – Amanda as she’s worked with modern technology to build an enduring comic series and Jan with her traditional yet innovative pencil style build- ing the various tales of the characters we know from the most celebrated science fiction trilogy amongst many others. To create the scenarios for the collection, the artists transformed eve- ryday-seeming women into athletic heroines. Jan’s have superhuman powers, literally taking on the elements like lightning, while Amanda’s are more real-world girls, cycling at night with glowing jackets to light their way. The limited-edition portfolio sums up that sense many women get when they train... Tie on your training shoes, pull on a hoody, zip up a jacket and you’re transformed. You feel like you can take on the entire world.

Jan Duursema

In the vanguard of women artists working in comics, Jan Duursema has done more for comics than tackle superheroes (though she’s taken on the most iconic supernatural characters for such industry power houses as DC Comics, Marvel and Dark Horse– and even had a character named for her). She’s also served as a heroine herself, inspiring generations of women, including Amanda, to become comic book artists. When growing up though, she had no idea she might be able to be one. “No one signed their work then,” she says. “I didn’t know people did this – it’s a whole other world out there.” Since, she’s had to deal with everything from comments like she draws like a man (“I’m still not quite sure how a man draws,” she laughs) and learning to sword fight to channel knights of science fiction legend. Now she practices both Japanese and Korean sword techniques. Jan talks about drawing comics almost like a philosophy. “It’s about movement and the flow of action. You don’t want anything straight up and down – but on a diagonal. Life isn’t straight up and down, not still or static. Dynamic.” Like the rain coming off the Nike Varsity Duffle Jan sketched for Nike Women’s Training. Jan treated the bag itself as a super-performance details especially created for women. The sculpted scuba hood’s snug fit ensures it stays up while training without needing distracting toggles. However, the fitted hood meant designers needed a solution for your hair. The answer? A ponytail exit. A small slit at the top helps keep hair out of your face and retains the hood’s ergonomic fit. Thumbholes hold sleeves in place and warm air in, while the Dri-FIT jersey pulls moisture off the body. The contrasting mesh strip was designed with a purpose – to let moisture evaporate in a high-sweat zone. The half-zip lets you regulate your temperature as you train, and the brushed Hyperwarm interior material helps insulate you against the cold.

Nike Beautility Shell and Thermal Hoody

With the Nike Beautility Shell and Thermal Hoody, form does not just follow function but also figure. A woman’s figure. That’s the ethos behind the design of these pieces. They bring art to layering and style to the substance of dressing for the weather. With technical elements like bonded seams, waterproof bonded zip- pers and Storm-FIT fabric, the shell is made to take on the elements. The Nike Beautility Thermal Hoody’s Therma-FIT fabric helps retain warmth in varying weather conditions while its water repellent lower back panel works to keep you dry. Nike designers also imbued these pieces with thoughtful details a woman needs. The shell’s zippered storm skirt gives you extra protection from the wet and mud, helpful for those times when cycling to your workout. Remove the skirt and the jacket has a lower profile and higher rise at the back. A magnetized pocket sits close to the skin and weighs less than a zippered one. Most importantly the Nike Beautility Shell has style with a silhouette tailored to flatter a woman’s figure and a subtle contrasting thread print pattern. Now beauty can take on the beast of winter.

Nike Legend Pant

What makes a legend? The details. Like a waistband that slims and flattens and won’t roll down no matter how many crunches you do. With soft shaping fabric and sculpting seams, the Nike Legend Pant creates a slimming silhouette, flattering a woman’s body. Designed to be one of the core elements in your training wardrobe, whether you wear it at the gym or on the way there, the Nike Legend Pant was the result of painstaking research. Two years in the making, it took everything from scanning 80,000 women’s bodies globally to designing 16 versions of the waistband alone. Now the Nike Legend Pant can be found in four fits from a tight to slim, regular and loose. Perhaps the thing you will feel best about in wearing them is that each pair is made from at least ten recycled water bottles.

Nike Victory Bra Series

Victory comes with superlatives – the best, the most, the least …. And, the Nike Victory Bra Series was designed to be Nike’s strongest, lightest and most comfortable bras ever. To reach such levels took considerable research like talking to 1,424 women around the world as the designers set out to remake the sports bra. They even went through 120 versions of the chest band to get it right. Each bra is 10-27% lighter and 35-60% stronger than its predecessors. Perhaps the most impressive number associated with the bra though is six. That’s the number of fits it comes in from the Nike Victory Pro Compression Bra and the Nike Victory Shape Bra with molded cups and compression, up to the Nike Victory Adjust X Bra with adjustable X-back straps and innovative targeted under bust support for the most stability. Whatever your size or sport, the Nike Victory Bra has your back and front to serve as a crucial piece of your uniform.

Nike Free Tr Fit Winter

Winter generally means heavy, stiff footwear. In a word, boots, but this winter Nike designers have brought weather- proofing powers to the Nike Free TR Fit Winter, our most flexible training shoe. With water-repellent meshes, warm linings and reflectivity, training in the cold, wet and dark days of winter, doesn’t mean compromising hero, because, as she explains, “It stands against the elements.”

Amanda Conner

Amanda Conner has worked with some of the most powerful women in comics – the characters themselves. From lasso wielding amazon princesses to vampire villainesses of far away planets, Amanda has tackled many with mighty powers for the likes of DC Comics and Marvel. She herself has even served as the model for one very infamous ninja assassin. One of the most renowned comic book artists, her work has appeared on TV and films as well as in publications like The New York Times. In creating her characters Amanda says running and karate both help. Running focuses her mind and gets her thinking about a character, while karate helps her move like the women she draws. Well, that is, minus the “Pows,” “Booms” and “Cracks” that come in comic books. Amanda’s favorite aspect of creating comics? Capturing emotions. “For years comic book characters were fantastical and you couldn’t really know them, but when I give them emotions and facial expressions, they’re turned into somebody you could know.” That everywoman quality was one of her favorite parts of working with Nike Women’s Training. “As a girl I couldn’t fly or deflect bullets no matter how much I wanted to, and now it’s great to turn regular women, everyday girls and athletes into superheroes.

The Art of Layering

To train in winter you need to make yourself protected, and that’s even before getting to the gym or studio. It’s a season where staying warm and dry is challenging. Layering is the golden rule, quite nearly an art form starting in this case with a baselayer, then a hoody, a secondary layer, then finished off with a water repellent puffer. All of these layers when worn at once can add up to a boxy, bulky look. Nike designers approached this as a problem that needed a solution. That’s where the Nike Women’s Training Holiday 2011 collection comes in. Looking to design and innovation to result in something better, something beautiful, Nike Design developed what they call Beautility, which means, function and craft come together without irritation or distraction. This layered system keeps you protected on your way to your workout as well as during your training, inside or out. Together the layers provide insulation, sandwiching pockets of air between them. It’s also easy to pull off a layer if you get too hot. Made of lightweight technical fabrics with targeted purposes – like Hyperwarm with its brushed interior for insulation, Dri-FIT to help wick away moisture and Storm-FIT designed to repel water and wind – each element is as light and low-profile as possible to minimize bulk and the excess weight of multiple layers. The collection was tested not simply for its weather-fighting abilities but also its flexibility and how easily women can move in it. The final test was just as important – style. The line is tailored to flatter women’s figures. So however you want to train this winter and wherever you want to do it, you’ll be able to tackle the elements in style.

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Crew

The art of layering begins at the base with the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Crew. Even on such a clean, simple design, each detail has been considered and crafted like moving seams to the back to prevent chafing. Or, designing sleeves with thumbholes to hold them in place, covering the wrists to keep arms warm. With a one-to-one fit like a second skin, the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Crew moves with you – whether you’re running or bending, stretching or leaping. Arm gussets allow you to bend and lift without pulling up your shirt, keeping your waist covered and the cold air out. Seams are flat-locked to sit closer to the skin. The soft, brushed Hyperwarm interior material traps heat to keep you comfortable while the Dri-FIT jersey helps pull sweat off the body. Each element has been designed for a female athlete’s specific winter-weather needs.

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Hoody 2.0

The Nike Pro Hyperwarm Hoody 2.0 is the second piece in your winter-weather arsenal, featuring high-comfort or movement either on the street or at the gym. The multidirectional siping allows for a full range of motion while the asymmetric internal support structure neoprene heel counter gives support to enhance natural motion. However you train, the Nike Free TR Fit Winter technology provides durable and agile lightweight support.

Nike Varsity Duffle

When it’s time to head out into the world, the Nike Varsity Duffle keeps your clothes and belongings safe with its water-resistant wool/poly exterior, welded zippers and protective bottom. A tough bag with smart features, its satin-lined interior has separate compartments for wet or dirty clothes and shoes. Depending on your goals and your various moods, training can take you almost anywhere. Whether you train to run, or run to train, when the day’s goal is to run longer no matter the mile count or the landmark you push yourself to meet, the Nike Running Holiday 2011 collection will protect you from the elements where ever they may find you. It’s always a great day for a run.

Nike Running Holiday 2011 Collection

Nike Vapor Flash Jacket

Standing out in the dark, the Nike Vapor Flash jacket’s polyester-twill fabric has a laminated face that produces stunning 400 candlepower reflectivity for complete 360-degrees of visibility in low-light conditions. The two-in-one jacket can also reverse to show a toned-down sleek black side for times when you don’t need such high visibility. To help minimize distractions on a run, the motion-sleeve design fits the movement of your arms, and an adjustable, running-specific hood with built-in visor keeps your head and face sheltered.

Nike Element Shield Tight

An ultra-comfortable running tight to keep you warm and dry. The Dri-FIT fabric moves sweat from the skin to the surface of the garment, where it evaporates quickly to help keep you comfortable and dry. This fabric has a brushed surface to trap warm air between fibers for warmth and a soft feel against the skin. The most exposed parts of the leg – the front thigh and calf – are protected from rain by strategically placed panels of DWR (Durable Water Resistant). The design includes an articulated knee for a greater range of motion and a natural fit and feel while running as well as reflective elements to keep you visible.

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