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Nike's Latest Coaching Guide Introduces 5 Ways to Create Better Experiences for Girls

The Made to Play Coaching Girls Guide — created by Nike and We Coach, with additional support from Youth Sport Trust in Europe, the Middle East and Africa  — equips all coaches with tools that can help make sport fun for girls. 

By age 14, girls have dropped out of sport at twice the rate of boys. The open-source coaching guide shines a light on barriers that are specific to girls and offers insights on how to remove them or to help girls overcome them. It is prepared using research from the Women’s Sports Foundation and Nike’s Coaching Through a Gender Lens report. This research shows that when girls like their coaches, they are more likely to love playing and keep playing as they get older.

The Made to Play Coaching Girls Guide equips all coaches with tools that can help make sport fun for girls. 

“Leveling the playing field for girls is a challenge – and it’s been made even harder by the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Jorge Casimiro, Chief Social & Community Impact Officer at NIKE, Inc. “Girls love to play, and being a better coach — or at-home P.E. teacher, as some of us are trying for the first time — can help keep them playing now and in the future.” 

The guide works in service of program leaders and coaches working to recruit and retain girls and kids who are non-binary or identify as girls  in sport. And, while the focus is on coaching, its application for parents and caring adults is equally pertinent. 

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The guide includes tips from program partners around the world, including New York’s PowerPlay, Chicago’s Girls in the Game and Eugene, Ore.’s KIDSPORTS, as well as global organizations such as PeacePlayers International and Soccer Without Borders. Each of these subject matter experts is creating locally and culturally relevant environments girls want to play in, and progressing coaching standards for all kids in the process.

Aligned with Made to Play, Nike’s commitment to get kids moving through play and sport, the guide is an integral element in the effort to create early positive experiences with sport and play. Continuing to create spaces where girls can learn, grow and have fun, without fear of failing, requires intentional design of coaching systems that inspire and encourage. This work continues Nike’s long history of advocating for women and girls.

The full Made to Play Coaching Girls Guide can be found here

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