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LEBRON 11 Provides a Protective Suit for LeBron James’s Powerful Precision


The number 11 represents new beginnings and is a step beyond a celebrated tenure. Starting his 11th year in the league, with two gold medals, two championship rings and four MVP trophies, LeBron James continues to succeed by constantly improving his game. 

Designed to provide a protective suit for James’s unique style of play, the LEBRON 11 encompasses the duality of powerful precision. It is James's lightest signature shoe to-date, while offering the protective feel, responsiveness and containment his game requires.


James has consistently fed back to his shoe designers that he wants to feel locked down, as if the shoes are an extension of his feet, for the 1,000+ directional changes he makes per game. Nike Basketball designers aim to build on the strengths of his game and provide protection for his powerful force without hindering his intricate precision on the court. 

Built from the inside out, the LEBRON 11 is the lightest and lowest LeBron signature shoe ever. It weighs approximately 14.5 oz in a men’s size 9.

The upper is built in a new way, featuring revolutionary Nike Hyperposite technology for lightweight lock-down, while taking protection, containment and responsiveness to a new level. The upper incorporates Nike Hyperfuse construction and dynamic Flywire technology to bring natural motion to James’s game.

The LEBRON 11 is deconstructed to get James’s foot much lower to the ground so he can feel the court, while enhancing cushioning via the full length Lunarlon and Nike Zoom unit – a combination featured for the first time in a LeBron signature shoe.

The LEBRON 11 features key performance innovations and benefits including:

  • New Nike Hyperposite technology: Uses lightweight materials designed to move with the foot to provide protection, containment and responsiveness.  

  • Nike Hyperfuse construction and Dynamic Flywire technology: Provides a dynamic fit and excellent lockdown, bringing natural motion to the court.

  • A combination of Lunarlon and Nike Zoom units: For soft, springy responsiveness.


The duality of the number 11 is the main graphic design inspiration for the LEBRON 11 – it looks identical upside down as it does right side up. The graphic design on the LEBRON 11 also plays into the duality of the shoe and features ambigrams throughout including:

  • The graphic on the inner tongue of the shoe spells out the number six while further highlighting the Roman numeral XI.

  • The sock liner graphic reads “LeBron” but when flipped upside down reads “James".

  • A closer look at the Swoosh on the shoe reveals a pattern inspired by modern chain mail in which the initials “LJ” make up the links and repeat at graduating weights. 


Nike Basketball designers successfully channel the duality of James’s play and persona to tell the story via various LEBRON 11 colorways.


James plays with fearlessness, determination and the heart of a lion. The King’s Pride colorway draws inspiration from the lion - its dark loden upper color and the floral print on the collar lining reflect the pride of the wildlife.


James was impressed by the Terracotta Warrior Exhibition, which he visited when he was in Xi’An, China, in 2011. The exhibit, plus James’s playing style - which reflects a warrior's spirit of grit, confidence, hard work and determination - inspired the Terracotta Warrior colorway.

The design of the shoe is inspired by the Terracotta Warriors as we see them today -- in neutral stone colors along with pop colors of purple/teal/red to represent how they were originally painted. The graphic texture on the upper articulates the linked, plated armor that the warriors wore. The special lining shank design graphic is drawn from the style of Bronze Age art, the era in which the Terracotta Warriors were made.

The LEBRON 11 King’s Pride will be available on Oct. 12 globally. The LEBRON 11 Terracotta Warrior will be available on Oct. 1 in Greater China, and on Nov. 26 in North America and the rest of the world.

随着在联盟第11个赛季的开始,已荣获两枚金牌、两枚冠军戒指和四次 MVP 奖杯的勒布朗·詹姆斯将在比赛中继续成功的步伐,不断完善,创造自己的辉煌。数字11正代表着全新的开始,也意味着辉煌的职业生涯中崭新的一步。

LEBRON 11 针对詹姆斯独特球风量身打造,兼具力量与精准双重特点,在球场上为詹姆斯提供有效保护。该款球鞋亦是迄今为止最轻的一双詹姆斯专属战靴,在为詹姆斯带来卓越保护的同时拥有快速响应性与绝佳包裹性。


勒布朗·詹姆斯在每场比赛中做出 1000 次以上的变向,他希望感觉脚部被牢牢地锁定,球鞋能贴合地包裹住他的脚,帮助他在球场上的运动。因此耐克篮球采用由内向外的设计概念,以詹姆斯的力量为基础,在为他的力量型进攻提供保护的同时,亦不妨碍他在球场上的精准度, 使得LEBRON 11 成为有史以来最轻、最低的勒布朗签名球鞋。美码9 码男款球鞋仅重约 14.5 盎司。

创新的鞋面设计,采用革新性Nike Hyperposite技术,令球鞋轻盈自如又牢牢锁定脚部,同时将球鞋的保护性能、包裹度和响应性能提高至全新的水平。鞋面兼具Nike Hyperfuse 构造和动态飞线技术,令詹姆斯在比赛中能够运动自如。

通过解构设计,LEBRON 11 令詹姆斯的脚部更贴近地面,以便他能够感觉到球场的变化。同时采用全掌Lunarlon配以Nike Zoom气垫,提高球鞋的有效保护性能,这是勒布朗签名球鞋首次配备这两种技术的组合。

LEBRON 11 配备的性能创新和优势:

  • 全新Nike Hyperposite技术:采用轻盈材质,旨在顺应脚部运动,带来卓越保护的同时拥有快速响应性与绝佳包裹性。

  • Nike Hyperfuse构造和动态飞线技术:提供动态贴合和完美锁定,有助于在球场上能够运动自如。

  • Lunarlon和Nike Zoom气垫:提供柔软、弹性缓震。


LEBRON 11 的设计灵感来自于数字11独特的双重对称性,即使把数字上下颠倒还是同样图形。LEBRON 11 的图案设计中也加入了双重对称性图案以及对称字形的创意元素,包括:

  • 鞋舌上图标,正反对称,由英文“SIX”字母组成,设计图案中也体现出罗马数字XI。

  • 鞋垫的图案设计正向看上去是“LeBron”的字形,反过来则显示出“James”的字形。

  • 近距离观察鞋面上的Swoosh标志上的图案设计,是由字母“LJ”组成的链接图案。


一如双重对称性的设计无处不在,在配色方面这一特点亦被成功续写,耐克篮球的设计师们将通过多种不同配色的LEBRON 11鞋款诠释勒布朗的独特球风和个性故事。


勒布朗·詹姆斯一直以来具备无惧、坚定,雄心勃勃的王者风范。而King’s Pride配色则从百兽之王狮子的气势中获得灵感,深橄榄色的鞋面和印花内衬彰显出奔放的豪情。


2011 年勒布朗·詹姆斯造访中国西安时,兵马俑给他留下了深刻的印象,加上在球场上,詹姆斯的战士精神:勇敢、自信、努力、决心 - 而这就是LEBRON 11 TERRACOTTA WARRIOR配色主要灵感来源。


LEBRON 11 KING’S PRIDE 于10月12日开始全球发售,LEBRON 11 TERRACOTTA WARRIOR 于10月1日在大中华地区、11月26日在北美和全球其他地区开始发售。