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LAUNCH Forum Features Breakthrough Green Chemistry Technologies

LAUNCH founders NASA, NIKE, Inc., the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. Department of State will host the LAUNCH Green Chemistry Forum at NASA's Kennedy Space Center on Jan. 23 and 24, 2015.  

The Forum will feature 10 innovators who were chosen from the LAUNCH System Challenge: Green Chemistry, hosted in Washington D.C. last July, based on their inventions' potential to have dramatic social, environmental and economic impacts on the world. 

During the weekend event, the LAUNCH innovators will present their solutions and engage in moderated discussions with LAUNCH Council members, who represent the business, investment, international development, policy, science and sustainability sectors. Collaboration with the LAUNCH Council is designed to allow innovators to gather advice and guidance on how best to develop their ideas or technologies and to build a network that will help them bring their solutions to scale at greater impact. 

A link to a live video feed of the conference, which will air Friday, Jan. 23, from 9:30 a.m - 1 p.m. ET and Saturday, Jan. 24, from 10 a.m. - noon ET, along with additional information on LAUNCH, is available online at:

Selected innovators from LAUNCH System Green Chemistry Challenge

Innovator: Fernando Pecoraro, AMBIEVO S.A., RECOY
Innovation: Soil Washing (Hydrocarbon recovery) - A soil washing technology that is focused on solutions that increase energy, water and raw materials efficiency.

Innovator: Sue Wang, AnCatt
Innovation: Heavy Metal Free Anti-Corrosion Coating Platform - The first heavy metal free, heavy-duty, anti-corrosion coating that also provides unprecedented corrosion protection.

Innovator: Marty Dugan, ANDalyze Inc.
Innovation: Real-Time Heavy Metals Analysis for Pollution Prevention - A product for heavy metal testing in water that solves the problem of getting fast, accurate, onsite reading of heavy metal concentration to prevent people from drinking contaminated water.

Innovator: Babette Pettersen, BioAmber
Innovation: A Renewable Chemical Company - A sustainable chemical company that combines industrial biotechnology and chemical catalysis to convert renewable feed stocks into chemicals for use in every day products, including plastics, paints and polyurethanes.

Innovator: Rey Banatao, Connora Technologies Inc.
Innovation: Recyclable Thermoset Composites for Lightweight Vehicles - A revolutionary thermoset resin system capable of changing market dynamics in the recycling of thermoset composite materials.

Innovator: Brian Mariampillai, Forward Water
Innovation: Switchable Water Forward Osmosis - A technology that allows more effective, low cost, low energy treatment of high salinity wastewater.

Innovator: Monica Becker, Green Chemistry & Commerce Council
Innovation: Green Chemistry & Commerce Council Innovation Portal - A web-based platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and inspiration where innovators and technology seekers connect to accelerate the development of safer chemistry and products.

Innovator: Michael Waggoner, Grow Plastics LLC
Innovation: Sandwich core bioplastic structures - A technology for producing products from bioplastics that perform better than solid oil-based plastics, and use less than half the material, lowering both cost and CO2 emission.

Innovator: Molly Morse, Mango Materials
Innovation: Producing Bioplastics From Waste Methane Gas - A technology that transforms waste methane into biodegradable plastics that are economically and functionally competitive with oil-based plastics.

Innovator: Paul Hintze, NASA, Kennedy Space Center
Innovation: Green Processes for Precision Cleaning - A solvent-free, precision cleaning processes that use renewable feed stocks to meet a range of precision cleaning requirements, eliminating the release of harmful cleaning solvents. 


LAUNCH is an open innovation platform that identifies and fosters breakthrough ideas for a more sustainable world.  LAUNCH aims to move beyond incremental change and make an impact at a system-wide level.   

LAUNCH is currently focused on positively transforming the system of materials and manufacturing, which can have dramatic social, environmental and economic impacts on the world.  In order to harness the innovation needed to advance this system, LAUNCH has issued a series of global challenges to address key barriers.  The LAUNCH System Challenge: Green Chemistry called for ideas, technologies or business models that can deliver high performing materials and treatments while adhering to or enabling greener chemistry principles. For more information, visit

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