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Korea's Top Athletes Appear in Nike's "Run It" Film

Many of Korea’s top athletes (both traditional and non-traditional) make an appearance in Nike’s latest film, Run It. Each owns their respective talent, and together, the assembled highlight the power of sport to instill the confidence to break rules and forge an individual path. 

Here’s what you need to know about them:

Jay Park

He came to Korea to pursue dance and music, then became a famous rapper. He’s now the co-owner, rapper, and producer of Korea’s most influential hip-hop label, AMOG, and recently signed a record deal with Roc Nation.

RaKyung Kim

At 16, she’s Korea's youngest national baseball team player and — with a maximum pitch speed of 118 kmh — is currently the most valuable player on her team. She’s also the ace pitcher for the national team.


The female rapper made her debut at 16 in 2005 and solidified herself as an iconic music artist on Korea’s rapper survival show, Unpretty Rap Star, in 2015.

JiSung Park

Currently the most influential figure in Korean football, the beloved sports hero is one of few who has scored in three consecutive World Cups. He’s the Chairman of JS Foundation and the head of Korea Youth Football Association.

SukHee Shim

She’s a member of the Korean National Short Track Speed Skating team and current 1,000-meter record holder. Shim is the only Korean female skater to win gold, silver and bronze medals for short track skating at Sochi.

HyunMi Choi

Known as Korea’s "Million Dollar Baby," the boxer hasn’t lost a fight during her 15 matches as a professional. She won the WBA Female Super featherweight title in 2013.

HyunMin Han

Born under a Nigerian father and Korean mother, Han is Korea’s first biracial model. In 2017, he was selected by Time as one of the most influential teens because although he has faced discrimination due to his unique appearance, he says he wants to use his profile to help make his country’s beauty standards more inclusive.

J Black & Mary

The street-dancing husband-wife duo is best known as "J Pink" for their girlish dance moves and "J Black" when it comes to hip-hop. Mary has introduced both genres on dance programs such as Dancing 9 on Mnet, and both have appeared on major networks, including MBC's My Little Television.


The tattoo artist and social media celebrity is recognized for her head-to-toe body art. She was recruited as the first non-musician by music label Feel Ghood Music to produce music (another passion of hers).

Ice Hockey National Team

While the Korean national team showed minimal promise just three years ago, they transformed into a whole new team thanks to the support from NHL manager Jisun Baek and coach Yongsu Park in 2014. 


By showing off their deejay, designing and other artwork skills, members of this Seoul running group are recognized as creative trendsetters, and they are quickly becoming an inspiration for more and more people in their city to run.

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