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"Just Do It” Campaign Celebrates Power of Sport in Turkey

Today Nike unveiled its new "Just Do It" campaign in Turkey.  The film continues the narrative of the latest “Possibilities” campaign by showing the playful side of sport. In a country where sport participation is among the lowest in all of Europe, the campaign aims to inspire athletes at every level to start a real movement in the streets of Istanbul and around the country.

At the heart of the new campaign is a film featuring football players Burak Yılmaz and Didier Drogba; runner Gamze Bulut; volleyball player Naz Aydemir; and basketball players Engin Atsür and Birsel Vardalı. In the film, everyday athletes move fast and hard alongside the professional athletes to power a ‘human printing press'. As the athletes increase their physical effort, it increases the speed of the printing press. Their collective and incremental effort creates beautifully designed prints that show movement in a whole new way.

Everyone can enjoy the thrill of being active and playing sports—it isn't something that is only reserved for professional athletes,” said Murat Gun, Nike Turkey Brand Marketing Director. “With this unique campaign we’re challenging the idea that sport is difficult and only rewarding at the professional level.  By highlighting the fun nature of sport and enabling people to enjoy movement, we're showing that they can achieve amazing things and surprise themselves in the process by just doing it.”

Throughout the course of the campaign, Nike will be issuing online challenges and holding events to inspire people to #justdoit in fun and engaging ways. Athletes can get inspired by each other’s stories and choose challenges on—the digital hub that features an interactive map of the activity happening across Istanbul.  Participants can upload their activity to social media and tag it with #hareketet and #justdoit.

“Nike’s "Just Do It" campaign encourages young people to move and be active. Playing any kind of sport helps you to grow personally,” said Didier Drogba.

If athletes prove they’ve got the moves, they’ll earn one of the ‘Made by Movement’ prints signed by the pros that created it. The campaign is a virtuous circle: it captures movement in a unique way and uses it to create real movement on the streets of Istanbul.

Nike Turkey partnered with Wieden + Kennedy of Amsterdam to create the campaign. The digital hub was created in partnership with AKQA Amsterdam.

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