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Just Do It Motivates Argentines to Do Better Under Pressure

“Obstacles and setbacks pave the road to victory,” says Argentine footballer Javier Mascherano. “Challenges show that it’s time to push harder, to give everything you’ve got.”

Nike’s new Just Do It film, aptly called “Better Under Pressure,” backs up Mascherano’s assertion that hurdles can facilitate rather than impede improvement. It features various athletes facing off against opponents, taunting each other to move under pressure. The athletes transform these taunts into motivation to work harder. 

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Further, the film aligns this notion with the popular Argentine phrase “a mover el culo,” which once motivated people to take the dance floor and now underscores Nike’s challenge to Argentines to move in sport and life. 

“Every defeat, every opponent, every struggle is fuel” says Carla Rebecchi, Argentine field hockey player. 

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