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Just Do It Inspires in South Korea

Over 9,800 South Korean teens have answered Nike’s call to voice their passion for sport, balk tradition and play loud. Coinciding with the national college entrance exam on November 12, Nike has launched a new film featuring the voices of Korean youth explaining the importance of sport in their lives.

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In the final installment of Nike’s Just Do It campaign in South Korea, the nation’s kids share sentiments validating sports as an untraditional but powerful path to success. 

Over the past two months, Nike turned Seoul into a playground with free athletic activities, including football, basketball and running, serving more than 9,800 teens.


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Voices in the film:


Junhyun Ahn, Bumsoo Kim, Dongwook Hwang, Saemkyul Cho, Minjae Lee, Taehee Lee, Hoiin Kim, Hayoung Choi, Hyunjong Yoo, Minsung Choi, Gahee Choi, Sara Kim, Hyungjik Kim, Seowon Choi, Seungwon Kim, Sukjung Park, Jihong Kim and Dongkyu Kim.