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Jordan XX, Celebrating 20 Years Of Air Jordan

Beaverton, OR (9 February, 2005) - Jordan, a division of NIKE, Inc., is celebrating 20 years of the shoe that changed the game - Air Jordan - with the debut of the new Air Jordan XX during NBA All Star 2005. The Air Jordan XX will be supported by a multi-pronged marketing approach that includes a provocative and inspirational national advertising campaign along with a major presence in Denver during NBA All-Star 2005 with a series of community, consumer and celebrity events.

Officially available in retail stores on February 19th, the Air Jordan XX is the most technologically advanced basketball shoe in the world, underscoring Jordan's innovation platform and performance capabilities. Crafted by legendary shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, the motorcycle-inspired shoe weaves design and technology with the patented Independent Podular Suspension (IPS) and a laser-etched strap that includes over 200 icons, creating a tapestry of stories connected to Michael Jordan's unparalleled life and career.

"The Air Jordan XX is a reflection and celebration of my life and career over the past two decades. It's always been more than just a shoe to me," said Michael Jordan. "I'm honored that even after 20 years, my loyal fans and friends have continued to support me and the legacy of Air Jordan."

"I'm excited and honored to be working again with Michael Jordan," says Hatfield, who designed the Air Jordan III through XV. "Every time we collaborate, we always try to take the shoe to the next level and do what's never been done before. Because the shoe celebrates MJ's past, but is technologically designed for the future, I definitely think we got it right again."

To support the sneaker release, Jordan will unleash yet another groundbreaking national print, broadcast and digital marketing campaign. The world-famous Jordan "Wingspan" poster has been reinvented. In the new rendition, a present day Michael Jordan is seen in the classic pose (arms outstretched), but every inch of skin is now covered in a "tattoo-esque" pattern of the icons that adorn the Air Jordan XX shoe. Along the same vein, the stunning print ads feature photography of Michael Jordan in various silhouettes, covered in the same icon artwork. TV commercials, directed by and starring Spike Lee, spreads the magical story of Michael Jordan to the "next generation". A digital campaign culminated in an on-line game that challenged users to find the meaning behind various icons on the shoe, ultimately rewarding the true champion of Michael Jordan and Air Jordan knowledge with a trip to Denver for launch festivities.

During NBA All-Star 2005 in Denver, Jordan will have its Jordan XXperience space on display from February 17-20th at 1825 Blake Street. Created to resemble a physical abstraction of the Air Jordan XX, the transformed warehouse space is separated into exhibition and interactive experience areas and will be open to the public during regular operating hours. By day, it will house fan-based activities and a celebrity-based product showroom. By night, it will become an ultra-exclusive VIP retreat. On February 17th, the Jordan XXperience will host its grand opening event with The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA) to raise awareness for its Jordan Fundamentals teacher grant program as well as kick-off the weekend's festivities. Jordan Fundamentals recognizes and rewards teachers who strive beyond challenges and limited resources to achieve instructional excellence and creativity.

On February 18th, brand-loyal celebrities, musicians, athletes, and VIPS will be on-hand for the official Air Jordan XX Launch Party at Denver hot-spot Rise nightclub. As the premier event of NBA All-Star 2005, Jordan kicks its celebration into high gear with an airplane ride on "Air Jordan" into the soul of the brand that transports partygoers to the future of Jordan. Guests will travel through a replicated airport terminal experiencing the progression of the brand through different airport gates that will be dedicated to brand milestones from 1985 to 2005.

On February 19th, Grammy-nominated rap artist Jadakiss will perform at an exclusive "late-night lounge" at the Jordan XXperience, playing host to select trendsetters and tastemakers, along with celebrity drop-ins throughout the evening.

"The Air Jordan XX marks a momentous occasion for the Jordan brand," says Larry Miller, president of Jordan. "We have come a long way in the last 20 years, and now we look forward to the next 20 years with continued excellence in our product and marketing, staying true to our faithful core consumer while introducing the brand to a new generation."

About Jordan A division of NIKE, Inc., Jordan is a premium brand of footwear, apparel and accessories inspired by the dynamic legacy, vision and direct involvement of Michael Jordan. The brand made its debut in 1997 and has grown into a complete lifestyle collection of sport, casual and style products. The Jordan brand remains active in the community by donating a portion of its proceeds to Jordan Fundamentals, an education grants program for teachers.

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