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Jordan Brand’s Latest Apparel Collections Take Flight

Jordan Modern Apparel — 23 Engineered, Remastered and Rivals Collections  7

If Jordan Brand's Flight Utility ethos is best exemplified in footwear by the Jordan XXXIII game shoe, it's represented in apparel by 23 Engineered. In the collection, the latest innovations meet Jordan heritage to form something wholly new — a modern expression of basketball culture. 

"The way we approach 23 Engineered is by looking at how to create new thinking in apparel by obsessing over fit, form and function," says David Creech, VP of Design for Jordan Brand.

Function is of utmost importance. Materials and construction choices are based on need. For example, the focus may be on providing lightweight warmth in fall and winter, transitional layers in spring or breathability in summer. Each concern is reflected in a fresh perspective on how to make or articulate a garment. Ultimately, it's about intentional design and craftsmanship. 

"We're looking to solve problems that lead us to a better place for the brand in the future," says Creech. "When I look at what we've done historically, we've always played a part in shifting the paradigm, stylistically, of what was happening in the moment."

We've always played a part in shifting the paradigm, stylistically, of what was happening in the moment.

David Creech, VP of Design for Jordan Brand.

The role of 23 Engineered is to be a leading concept in the formation of Jordan Brand's apparel range, so the branding and color schemes are just as deliberate as the methods of construction. The aesthetic evolves from Jordan Brand's traditional color schemes and graphic blockings, demanding immediate (and unapologetic) attention. "It's purposeful that 23 Engineered expands beyond our bloodline color schemes," explains Creech.

The 23 Engineered apparel offerings include contemporary takes on heritage styles and capsule collections influenced by diverse global consumers. In the former, the Remastered Suede Lux collection reimagines classic Jordan silhouettes with a touch of luxury. It's an evolution of the thinking that created the 2018 Wings Washed collection, progressing a notion of heritage away from direct reference and into a more emotional sphere. Meanwhile, strict nostalgia is met with a modern eye in the Rivals Collection, which celebrates MJ's historic 1991 playoff run.

Jordan Modern Apparel lets attitude and innovation lead, and with it, aims to build the sportswear icons of the future.   

The collections will be available in July.

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