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Jordan Brand Unveils Select Retro Styles for the Fall Season

This fall, Jordan Brand reimagines, recreates and reintroduces the Air Jordan I, II, VIII, XI and XIII. Each was originally introduced as an on-court silhouette, but soon took on a life off the court. These shoes honor Michael Jordan’s iconic style, as well as how each has been adopted in fashion.

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The Air Jordan I and II Get Rebuilt

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Air Jordan 1 High OG Essential 

While its successor, the Air Jordan II, was intentionally designed as a premium luxury sneaker, the Air Jordan I was created with pure basketball ambitions. Of course, it would quickly become more than just a basketball sneaker, eventually celebrated for its premium leather. Now, the Air Jordan I elevates its acclaimed quality with the same approach taken on the intentionally luxurious Air Jordan II.

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Air Jordan I Premium

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Air Jordan II Decon
The Air Jordan II strips down but stays true to its roots as the original luxury sneaker. While this deconstructed version sheds the exotic leather that made it so polarizing in 1986, it replaces it with a rich suede for a lighter but equally luxurious look and feel.

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Colorways Become Culture

Before the world became accustomed to sneaker nicknames, Jordan footwear was first qualified by one question: Did Michael Jordan wear them? What he wore the previous night became iconic and what he wore next became aspirational. Colorway descriptions, whether nicknamed by Tinker Hatfield or simply rooted in the actual color identification, are now the currency of sneaker culture and synonymous with Jordan’s greatness.

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The Air Jordan VIII Gets Inspired by Classic Air Jordan Colorways
While the Air Jordan VIII has its own iconic colorways, this season, it gets reimagined with colorways more typically associated with two classics from other silhouettes in the Jordan line: Cement and Cool Grey.

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Aj8 bred2 rectangle 1600
Aj8 bred3 rectangle 1600
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Air Jordan XI Low IE
While most iconic colorways are tied to slam dunks, last shots and championship celebrations, others have gained a unique fandom because Michal Jordan didn’t play in them. One such pair is the Fire Red Air Jordan XI IE Low sample that he was photographed in during the 1996 season. A true player edition, this colorway previously had only one owner. Now it releases to the public for the first time.

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Ajxiie2 rectangle 1600
Ajxiie4 rectangle 1600

Air Jordan XIII
When the Air Jordan History of Flight collection was unveiled in 2009, each sneaker celebrating the line’s 25th anniversary instantly became one of the rarest pairs of all-time. With a dominant white colorway with red details and black laces, it didn’t take much to imagine Michael Jordan playing in them in Chicago. From the display at the World Basketball Festival in Chicago to different Nike retail locations, the collection drew crowds even if the selection wasn’t available for retail. For nearly a decade, these remained behind a display glass, but now the brand releases the XIII version on its 20th anniversary. 

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