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Jordan Brand Unveils Fall ‘17 Apparel Collection

FA '17 Collection Preview in Los Angeles.

Influenced by Michael Jordan’s iconic style on and off the court, the next generation of Jordan apparel features versatile silhouettes that highlight the intersection of innovation and style.

Fa17 jsw bw model 025 rectangle 1600

Jordan Tech Fleece Hoody

Fa17 jsw bw model 014 rectangle 1600

Jordan Wings MA-I Jacket, Jordan Wings Fleece Hoody, Jordan Flight Suit Pant

Rooted in the brand’s heritage, Jordan Brand’s FA '17 collection nods to 1985 and Michael's iconic Flight Suit. The design team obsessed the Flight Suit details, pulling the flight lines into modern styles that maintain the style and soul of the brand with form, fit and function.

Fa17 jsw bw laydowns blk flight suit trunner det01 square 1600
Fa17 jsw bw model 017 square 1600

Jordan Flight Suit

Fa17 jsw bw laydowns blk bomber back det03 square 1600

“Jordan Brand stands for greatness, and it’s our job to ensure everything we do matches that standard,” said Jordan VP of Design, David Creech. “The FA '17 collection marks a new day for Jordan apparel. Within the line, the team obsessed the details of each piece creating the brand's new design language”.

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