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Jones Brothers NIKEiD Challenge

The friendly sibling rivalry that exists among the Jones brothers extends beyond sport and into design as the three got together in a recent NIKEiD session to create custom Nike Free Trainer 5.0 shoes.

The rare combination of three siblings all excelling in different pro sports is an unusual occurrence. Jon, a professional mixed martial artist, and his brothers Arthur and Chandler, both pro American football players, have all shared a friendly rivalry since their early days growing up in upstate New York.  Inspired by his brothers since childhood, Jon was first influenced by his older brother Arthur’s interest in wrestling, which ultimately led him into a career as one of the world’s top mixed martial artists. 

Jon is no stranger to the Nike Free Trainer 5.0.  With his own player edition version of the shoe, Jon challenged his brothers to design their own through NIKEiD. Chandler used both his high school and collegiate roots as the inspiration behind his orange and black design, while Arthur went for a superhero theme inspired by his son with red, white and blue.

The Nike Free Trainer 5.0 takes performance inspiration from the intricate movement of a Chinese finger trap for lockdown support, while NIKEiD allows athletes to create their own versions of the shoe and express themselves while they train.

Who wins the competition for best design according to Jon? Check out the below video.