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Jersey Shop Offers Nike’s Best Selection of Football Kits and Invites Collaboration

Jersey Shop is Nike’s new mobile-first celebration of football’s most universally cherished item: the kit.

From famed clubs AS Roma, Barcelona, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur to niche favorites like South Africa’s Kaizer Chiefs, Jersey Shop offers the most up-to-date assortment of football shirts available. This includes home, away and third tops, and, of course, highlights the federations vying for international glory this summer and beyond.

While club and federation kits form the bulk of the offerings, Jersey Shop also presents the prospect of shirts from an altogether different source: unique stories from across the world.

That’s made possible through the Jersey Shop X Nike by You program, which opens up access to Nike’s design, manufacturing and sales faculties to invite partnership between the brand and creative individuals.

Here’s how Jersey Shop X Nike By You plays out:

The process is relatively simple. It begins, naturally, with a design unique to the collaborator. Following, the design is reviewed by Nike and, if approved, is eligible for addition to the assortment. 

Jersey Shop X Nike By You launches with three examples of collaborative design. From London, there are shirts from Romance FC and 24 London, and from New York, FC Harlem.


Jersey Shop Offers Nike’s Best Selection of Football Kits and Invites Design Partnership 3

Romance FC is a creative football collective from Hackney, East London. Founded in 2012, the group is focused on encouraging women to reach for their dreams. On the pitch, the Romance FC members are stern defenders and shrewd attackers. Off the pitch, they are filmmakers, DJs, coders and artists who all embrace a singular mantra: “You can't rise unless you lift others up with you.”

Club member Aimee Capstick designed the Romance FC shirt. Inspired by football kits of the ’80s and ’90s, the shirt combines classic geometric patterns that form interlocking teeth. It's punctuated by a modern color gradient and a custom font that contrasts with the patterns for a sense of movement.


Jersey Shop Offers Nike’s Best Selection of Football Kits and Invites Co-Creation  2

The 24 London jersey signifies the commitment to making the most of every hour. Bright colors pay tribute to the city at night, while the zombie represents relentless drive — because true hustlers never sleep on their dreams.

The jersey’s designer, Fabio Nunes, grew up in Fulham and initially channeled his creativity on the pitch, where, on the left wing, he befuddled opposing defenses. However, when two ACL tears in three years sidelined him, Nunes transitioned his imaginative impulse to apparel design and his budding brand, 24 London, launched in 2015. Now recovered from injury, Nunes plays semi-pro football and continues to push an ambitious expansion plan for his label. His humble attitude is summed up in his own words: “One day I’ll be successful. Until then, love me before they all do.”


Jersey Shop Offers Nike’s Best Selection of Football Kits and Invites Co-Creation  1

Established in 1991 with the goal of exposing local youth to football, FC Harlem has since expanded its original mission to focus on developing future leaders on and off the pitch. The club’s nickname, L.I.O.N. (Leaders In Our Neighborhoods), conveys that the players who wear FC Harlem’s badge are talented, confident, competent and caring and will positively impact the world around them.

The FC Harlem logo was envisioned as a traditional badge connecting Harlem with the global football community. The sweeping lion’s head emanating from the soccer ball symbolizes a confident, fluid style of football. Then and now, FC Harlem’s design emphasis has come from honoring its namesake neighborhood and the history of creativity and cultural leadership it carries. 

Following the initiative’s launch, Nike will establish community spaces in cities around the world this summer. Within these, people will be able to attend workshops and design their own Nike jerseys. A selection of these jerseys will be among the first participants of the program to sell on All collaborators will be compensated. 

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