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Inner Strength: Romelu Lukaku, "The Dude that Scores the Goals"

Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku has experienced firsthand the fine line that divides the starting 11 from those on the bench. Having commenced his professional career at the age of 18 as a reserve player, the 23 year old has experienced both setbacks and successes, which have earned him a strong fan base and formed his personal mantra “You train how you play.” This mindset translates into a relentless training regime that includes on-pitch drills with in-gym reps and reflects another refrain that fuels Lukaku as he prepares for a summer of international competition: “You’ve got three players playing for your place man, so you better be that dude. You better be the dude that scores the goals.”



To learn more about Romelu and how he advances his athleticism get more of his Inner Strength story here and check out Nike Training Twitter and Instagram channels.

Inner Strength Documentary Series

This is the eleventh installment of a documentary series that captures the inspiration and motivation that drive Nike athletes in their training. Their journeys vary as do their goals, but they share a common obsession with athleticism.