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Hurley Launches Women’s Performance Swimwear

Its 2017 women’s line — created with world champion surfer Carissa Moore’s direct feedback — redefines high-performance swimwear.

All Women’s Swimwear is Not Created Equal Hurley’s New Women’s Performance Swim   0

Hurley adapted key insight from Nike’s Innovation Team, utilizing their extensive research around sports bras, to create a new made-for-women product line that performs as good as it looks and feels. 

They also included three-time Women’s World Tour champion Carissa Moore in the creation process.

“It was exciting to work alongside the Hurley design team developing an in-water performance product that addressed my needs,” says Moore.

Specifically, Moore requested a suit that would stay put in the roughest conditions. That’s why each top has strategically placed fixed straps (and sewn together on one style) so they don’t move and keep everything in place no matter what she’s doing in the water. Lightweight and removable waterproof bra cups and stabilizers also help to secure and support the bust. 

Moore discusses how Hurley's performance swimwear meets her needs in the water

Moore says she also needs to feel light and mobile, which is why each piece features quick-dry fabric and the tops have a front center keyhole that lets water drain almost immediately.

The bottoms feature many of the same designs, including un-adjustable straps around the hips and contoured cuts for a secure fit.

There are three styles of tops and bottoms — each offering different levels of coverage and support — that can stand alone or be used in a bikini quiver that adapts depending on the activity. Every piece in the collection has been water tested and expert approved so that women can move in and out of the water with confidence.

“One of the things I love most about Hurley’s new women’s line is the different styles available for a wide range of body types and fitness levels that perform well for any water activity — there’s something here for every active woman,” says Moore.

There’s something here for every active woman.

Carissa Moore
Hurley Launches Women’s Performance Swimwear 20
The Quick Dry Surf Top offers moderate coverage and medium support and is built for big, powerful surf. Fixed double straps cross in the back to allow for full range of motion while paddling. The keyhole lets water drain. Internal stabilizers and removable bra cups secure and support the bust.
Hurley Launches Women’s Performance Swimwear 14
The Quick Dry High Neck Top provides more coverage and medium support and is every bit as high performance as the Surf Top. Its nylon rib material is flexible and soft, but still dries quickly. Fixed straps and a comfy elastic band around the bottom lock the top in place.
Hurley Launches Women’s Performance Swimwear 13
The Quick Dry Triangle Top gives low coverage and light support for less intense conditions (and doubles as a supportive bralette for versatile wear under dresses or tanks). Fixed Y-back straps allow the shoulders to move without restriction. A side strap detail adds stability.
Hurley Launches Women’s Performance Swimwear 34
The Quick Dry Surf Bottom provides moderate coverage.
Hurley Launches Women’s Performance Swimwear 26
The Quick Dry Boy Bottom has the most coverage.
Hurley Launches Women’s Performance Swimwear 30
The Cheeky Bottom offers the least amount of coverage.

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