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Hurley Launches Athlete Stores

The store showcases allow athletes to share their favorite Hurley products with fans. The storefronts includes profiles of Hurley's ASP World Tour athletes, their "One & Only" headshost and links to their personal social media channels. The program was announced on Twitter during the webcast of the Quiksilver Pro, the first ASP event of the year. As each athlete went into their first heat, followers were directed to visit their store on

Athletes have joined in the conversation, highlighting their favorite gear and bringing fans to their Hurley page via social media.

"We are fortunate enough to have some of the best athletes in the world. We wanted to give them a home on our website; something that was alive and always current," VP Digital Jeff Hurley said. "We incorporated all their most recent social activity, their favorite products and their custom Phantom Create boardshorts. Oh, and if this helps drive sales, that’s cool too!"

To see all of the athlete stores, visit