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Serena Williams inspires girls to #MAKEITCOUNT

LONDON, FRIDAY 22ND JUNE. The #FUELSERENA event held at the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) saw Nike and Serena come together for a unique tennis inspired NTC Schools workout. NTC Schools aims to encourage girls to view sport in a new and fun way, and help address the drop-off in sports participation amongst young adults in the UK, particularly girls.

#FUELSERENA has been created to motivate Serena’s fans to be more active and celebrate their sporting successes, whilst also inspiring Serena ahead of Wimbledon next week. Serena and the girls wore the Nike+ FuelBand - an innovative wristband that tracks and measures everyday movement to motivate and inspire people to be more active. Activities can now be measured through a new metric called NikeFuel: the more active you are, the more NikeFuel you earn.

The girls at the NTC Schools event trained in groups with a Nike+ FuelBand to earn as much NikeFuel as possible.  All the NikeFuel that they earned at the event was ‘given’ to Serena to inspire her to #makeitcount at Wimbledon.

To help #FUELSERENA and join in with the NikeFuel movement go to