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Explore the Nike Innovation Arena

For the best experience, download the innovation arena as a desktop app (218MB ZIP). The Innovation Arena app will download to your computer as a .ZIP file. Once downloaded, uncompress the ZIP file and run the application.

The Nike Innovation Arena is a dynamic 3-D environment where Nike’s latest innovations in Track and Field, Basketball, Training, and Nike’s digital enablement offering Nike + Basketball and Nike +Training can be explored.

Navigate through this virtual arena to learn more about the design inspirations and product benefits behind Nike’s cutting edge performance innovations. Hear from Nike Designers and discover the technology behind each product by clicking your mouse on the circular 'hotspots' to uncover concealed innovations that will help elite athletes perform at their highest level.

You can also launch app in your browser (Requires Unity Plugin)

The app has been created using Unity software technology, more usually used for video games. If you choose to launch the app in your web browser you will be asked to install the latest version of Unity to enter the experience. For best results close other programs running on your computer and launch the experience in either Firefox, Safari or IE. During download, an introduction video on Nike’s approach to sports innovation will play, followed by access to the Innovation Arena.