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Lift And Flick

Lift And

Elena Delle Donne

JULY 22, 2016

The 2016 MVP details the technique behind her infamous jump shot.

For me, everything is about simplicity. So when I shoot a jump shot, I want my arm to be in the same place every single time, because in a game your feet are never going to be the same — you might be pushed off balance, you might be fading away. But if I can get my arm to a 90-degree angle, all I have to do is lift and flick, which usually puts me in a good position to make the shot.

It’s also about intuition. I like to turn my body a bit to the right on my jump shot and get my shoulder tucked and my feet underneath my shoulders. But I don’t worry about my feet too much because who knows where they’re going to be in a game. From there, I get that 90-degree angle. Everybody has the flick. But being tall means I’m able to get my jump shot off in areas where shorter players not be able. I can use my length and just kind of elevate over the defense. Lift and flick; that’s my thing.

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