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Five Ways Nike Celebrates Earth Day Every Day

For Nike, sustainability is more than a seasonal celebration or an on-trend collection. It’s about how every choice — large and small, day in and day out — adds up to shape the future.

It’s simple: As a sports brand, Nike is dedicated to serving athletes. Without fresh air, clean water and safe playing fields, athletes can’t train or compete. Protecting the future of the planet is interlocked with protecting the future of sport — and the future of Nike’s business. 

That’s why Nike is determined to live Earth Day every day. From the materials used in products, to the energy sources chosen to power facilities, to the way employees lead by example in their communities, here are a few ways Nike is continuing its sustainability journey year-round.

Nike is Working Toward 100% Renewable Energy for its Facilities

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Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, already runs off 100 percent renewable energy and is set to begin using 100 percent renewable energy across North America and Europe by 2020. This gets Nike up to 75 percent of its goal to be entirely renewable across globally owned and operated facilities by 2025.

Nike Uses the Most Recycled Polyester in the Industry

Five Ways Nike Celebrates Earth Day Everyday 0

And has been for six years in a row. Recycled polyester saves raw materials and reduces carbon emissions by an estimated 30 percent compared to virgin polyester. 

Wind Turbines Power Nike's European Logistics Center

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Located in Belgium, the center is surrounded by six huge wind turbines that produce enough electricity to power 5,000 houses. Additionally, solar paneling covers an area equal to the size of three soccer fields. 

Charitable Donations Get Matched

Five Ways Nike Celebrates Earth Day Everyday 3

In 2018, Nike employees donated more than $9 million - with an assist from Nike’s matching contributions — to 3,610 community organizations, including many that help protect the future of sport. When employees donate through an internal portal, the Nike Foundation matches that donation dollar for dollar.

All Air-Soles are Made From at Least 50% Recycled Material

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Today, many Nike Air-Soles are made from recycled material — some as much as 75-percent recycled material. All Nike Air-Soles designed since 2008 contain at least 50-percent recycled materials and Nike intends to make them with 100-percent renewable electricity by the end of 2019.

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