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A First Look At The New One Star Perforated Leather

Converse creates designs that are classic and ever-evolving. The latest proof of that is the new One Star Perforated Leather shoe with its updated look on the iconic One Star silhouette that features matte leather and small perforations for added breathability.

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Now known for its versatility and timeless style, the One Star originally emerged in the ’70s as a distinguished basketball shoe, then transformed and was adopted by the ’90s skateboarding movement. 

The collection includes black, casino red and white colorways in unisex sizes. The vulcanized rubber outsole and star design pay homage to its roots, and thanks to an Ortholite® insole that enhances cushioning, it’s even even more durable and comfortable than ever. 

The new Converse One Star Perforated Leather collection launches July 13 on and at Converse retail stores. 

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